Voters sent a clear and unmistakable message that they don't like conservative Democrats

If you watch MSNBC you probably believe that if it wasn't for some local politician in Seattle whispering the word "socialist" within earshot of a microphone, then right-wing Democrats in Minnesota and Florida would have won their elections.

Arrogant Centrist Dems Are Incapable Of Learning Self-Reflection, Humility

If there's one thing we know for certain, the Democratic party establishment only knows how to punch left and punch down.
This is what they learned from their ass kicking in 2010.


And this is what they learned from their ass kicking in 2016.

Every Single incumbent Democrat that has lost (so far) is a conservative

It's still not over, so this trend could be interrupted, but I noticed something that the media isn't reporting - only right-wing Democrats are losing.

Another Democratic strategist summed it up this way: “It’s catastrophic.”

Democrats seem determined to lose to Trump again

This is starting to feel a whole bunch like 2016.
Back then Trump managed to steal the white working-class votes in the Rust Belt states because he talked about bad trade deals and how they cost us whole industries, while the Democrats wouldn't even consider the topic. The Democrats didn't care about the white working class in the Rust Belt states. They took them for granted for 40 years.

So.... about last night

The Democratic Party is a joke. Of course this isn't news to anyone around here, but after.... whatever the hell that was last night, it's apparent to pretty much everybody.

The DMR/Selzer poll fiasco the other day left the most trusted pollster in the country and CNN with egg on their face. But last night left every network in the country scrambling to make sense (and fill time) of the biggest clusterfuck in modern political history.

This will likely be the end of the Iowa caucus, and probably the entire caucus system. And it was a 100% self inflicted humiliation.