My thoughts on SCOTUS leak

I've been suspicious of the USSC document "leak" which revitalized the liberals. Preserving Roe v Wade is the biggest Democratic issue of the past 50 years. I haven't seen liberals this fired up since the Iraq war. And yet I'm convinced it was the GOP's doing.

Why would Republicans want this? This had me stumped until I read a tweet this morning

Establishment Democrats' tradition of scapegoating the Left for their own failures

We are approaching another election disaster for the Democrats, so establishment Democrats are already shifting into scapegoating the slightly less corrupt, non-corporate wing of the party - progressives.

A Nina Turner head-scratcher

Watch and listen to this interview carefully. I watched, as Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti occasionally popped in to try to get Nina Turner to recognize the depths of Joe Biden's failure -- the Democrats' failure -- but eventually I started to scratch my head and wonder "where is Nina Turner GOING with all of this?"

The Powers That Be and their Distraction Games

I've suggested in a number of previous diaries that the Biden administration doesn't really have a climate change policy. The reasons for this lack of a policy are obvious: the Biden administration is sold out to oil interests, whose main concern is that the owning class that controls them, both Biden administration and owning class being Powers That Be, be allowed full rights of kingship on a dead planet.

Voters sent a clear and unmistakable message that they don't like conservative Democrats

If you watch MSNBC you probably believe that if it wasn't for some local politician in Seattle whispering the word "socialist" within earshot of a microphone, then right-wing Democrats in Minnesota and Florida would have won their elections.

Arrogant Centrist Dems Are Incapable Of Learning Self-Reflection, Humility

If there's one thing we know for certain, the Democratic party establishment only knows how to punch left and punch down.
This is what they learned from their ass kicking in 2010.


And this is what they learned from their ass kicking in 2016.