Democrats don't actually believe in democracy

Jill Stein gets it. Unfortunately, she had to learn the hard way.

Seven months after the election, the attacks on her presidential bid have continued.
Caitlin Johnstone points out that partisan Democrats still can't stand the idea that someone on the left ran for president and got some votes.

Prologue: DWS, DNC and the intersection of two colliding investigations.

This is only a prologue because I wish to set the stage without encumbering you with a torrent of links, which I have already. The situation is complex and becoming more complex daily--in fact almost hourly. It is becoming extremely difficult to keep up and I am afraid that I am not. But here goes.

What's Our Vehicle, Baby? (Why We Need One)

I have written in the past, via comments, that if we don't start learning how to prevent the co-option of our movement, we are toast. In addition, we must have a reliable way to get that message out: a vehicle if you will.

All you need do is look at history. TPTB, regardless of party affiliation, seem to always learn from their mistakes because they are greedy sociopaths/psychopaths. Their primary need is to be dominant. Whether it is having more money and/or power than 'name your deity' over those they deem to be less than, we must remember it is their prime motivator.

The DemocRATic party 2016-2017; a Pictorial History

I have been at a loss for words in reviewing the tumultuous times of 2016 and 2017 regarding Hillary Clinton, her loyalists, the DNC, and other stuff. Since a picture is worth a thousand words I have condensed a 6000 word essay into 6 pictures. I hope to have captured the spirit of the slimes times. Now, as you know, the main culprit star of the whole sequence of events is no other than Killary Klinton, aka Mad Bomber, etc.

Democratic politicians have rarely represented Democratic voters less

Perhaps the all-time peak of Democratic misrepresentation was when President Wilson got America into WWI after campaigning on how he kept us out of the war.
However, the present Democratic Party is trying to rival that level of misrepresentation.

Sell-out Sen. Kamala Harris (d-CA) tries to get other Dems to join her openly selling out

Sell-out Sen. Kamala Harris, while attorney general of CA, ordered subordinates who had already uncovered 1000 illegal transactions by Steven Mnuchin's Bank One of California, to drop the whole thing; the attorneys under her control, were already working on another 1000 cases, not quite ready for prosecution when the order was given. Of course, Mr. Mnuchin is now a Trumpocrat, Secretary of the Treasury.

Dirty Rice and Dominos; the toppling of Obama and the Democratic establishment has started

Now into to Day 4 of the Susan Rice unmasking story link we are learning more and more about what certain people and organizations stand for. A huge, and I am not exaggerating, dust cloud is gathering, just as the first shock wave from a nuclear explosion is nearing.

The grassroots insurgency to reform the Democratic Party has arrived

First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.
- union leader Nicholas Klein, 1914

I say the insurgency in the Democratic Party has arrived because the neoliberals are no longer ignoring it. They are now slandering it.

Republicans' Titanic sinks; Democrats offer rowboat for survivors

First off, I would like to thank my inspiration for this article or essay or rant, whatever to the following:

1. CS in AZ whose post about Ryancare (AKA Trumpcare, AKA Death panels for the sick) provided the primary inspiration.

Democrats: are they finally realizing they are on the Titanic?

Should I give you the short answer, or will you have to read through this, or do you already know? A considerable constituency of our community believe that the Blue Party is beyond resuscitation, to which faction I also belong. Why? They are the party of Hillary Clinton. They are the party of No Changes Needed Nancy. They are the party of NotTrump. They are the party of no issues, other than to get re-elected, even if it means to lie, cheat and steal. I could go on but won't.

Basic Reason to Block Trump SCOTUS Pick: Justice

petition language (
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(Analysis.) Many liberal thinkers have put forth good reasons for senators to reject President Trump's nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. People for the American Way, one of a coalition of groups that delivered block-Gorsuch petitions with one million online signatures, cited his ...

troubling views and record when it comes to siding with wealthy and powerful interests, over the rights of working people, women, and the disabled.

The Sad State of America

Preface: This is just my uneducated opinion...and the rantings of a mindless lunatic.

The sad state we find ourselves in today hasn't been the republicans or the democrats fault, but a combination of both corporate bought and sold political parties, not to mention a population that seems to be able to only think in terms of binary logic. "You're either with us, or against us".