Mark Warner, another Demonratic pile of shit.

Sorry to stir up the fetid waters of the c99 swamp, but we, c99'ers, are insignificant compared to the huge Potomac Swamp, positioned in the Heart of Darkness, er, Washington, District of Corruption. Now, folks, as Obomber used to say, this is ugly, no matter how you look at it--even in the dark of night. So, while I might later compose some stuff about our Californicated Respresentive Trash, such as Rep. Swalwell (rhymes with "doesn't smell well"). today I shall sing the praises?

I wrote a diary in the Daily kos regarding current US foreign policy in Ukraine and Syria. I believe this response to that diary is a perfect example of Democrats in this day and age.

I will take American officials arming neonazis in Ukraine (even if I were to accept your characterization, which I do not) over Russians making us NOT arm them every day of the week and twice on Sundays. And I think anyone who wouldn’t should just go ahead and move to Moscow already and let the Americans figure out America for ourselves.

Where else are they going to go?

Everywhere you look these days you see worry over how the move to the left by the democrats base will turn off moderates.
The universal consensus remains that you must go to the center.

Funny how that never applies to conservatives.
For decades the attitude for democrats to the left went, "Where else are they going to go?"

Where they went is not to the polls.

Voter turnout ranged between 60% to just 40% on non-presidential elections.

Democratic Party would rather lose to a Republican than win with a progressive

After a socialist candidate won in the Bronx, the news media has spilled a lot of ink about how the Democrats are going too far to the left.
Someone should tell the Democratic Party establishment.

A good example is what happened in Rhode Island this week.