Democrats and Awan Gang, suitable company for each other--now the finger points both ways

I was asking myself: "self, what is a day without sunshine like?" Answer: a day without an Awan story. There's gonna be plenty of sunshine now.

Okay, then I asked myself: "self, what is a day without news?" Answer: a day without a story of political corruption.

So, now this is going to be beautiful day. You want Awans? We got 'em. You want corrupt congress critters? You are in luck, we got a whole lot of them.

Finally! WashPo allows a response to the "Bernie Bros are racists" meme they created

It only took roughly 18 months, but the Washington Post has decided to allow some facts to get in the way of slandering Bernie supporters.
The excellent article was written by Symone D. Sanders, the former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders.

Trump's once in a lifetime opportunity to destroy the Democrats for all time.

Consider the still-evolving story of sedition and treason in addition to the banal but harmful corruption of our political system underlying the Awan Brothers thievery of material (computer stuff) but more importantly information, much of it classified or higher security. The story for those unaware has been told dozens if not hundreds of times in the alternate media, of which we are members.

Roundup-style spraying of US Ideals and Regulations

Gah. We have been doing our usual deal camping in Africa for a couple of months etc since April and only checking in from time to time, but when we do we are astounded at the attacks on all we hold dear by the current gov, the duopoly, and Mr. Trump.

This afternoon, instead of being out getting in some exercise further exploring old Venetia we got roped into reading C99 and other news.

The Problem With CTH's "Bend the Knee" Comment

is not that Will Menaker told the Clintonites they had to "bend the knee." It's the idea that we could ever work with those people again. Those people being the ones who *run* the neoliberal side of the party: politicians, pundits and their donors/employers. The people who did this:


and then this:

An Indignant Rant About Milquetoast 'Centrist' Right-wing Enablers

It's about 8 months after the electoral college handed Dipshit Dumpsterfire Trump the presidency (With the help of Hillary Clinton and the DNC) and the Democratic Party is still whining. Yet for all that whining, they can't seem to shake the very tactics, non-policies and toxic identity politics that led to their loss to begin with.

Democrats don't actually believe in democracy

Jill Stein gets it. Unfortunately, she had to learn the hard way.

Seven months after the election, the attacks on her presidential bid have continued.
Caitlin Johnstone points out that partisan Democrats still can't stand the idea that someone on the left ran for president and got some votes.