Clintonists Tell Leftists to Fall in Line Behind Kamala Harris

"Since speculation arose that Sen. Kamala Harris is preparing to run for president, Hillary Clinton’s supporters have defended her using a strategy that was developed during the 2016 Democratic primaries against Sen. Bernie Sanders. This strategy revolves around the Bernie Bros narrative, which propagates the myth that Sanders supporters are sexist, racist white males.

Mark Warner, another Demonratic pile of shit.

Sorry to stir up the fetid waters of the c99 swamp, but we, c99'ers, are insignificant compared to the huge Potomac Swamp, positioned in the Heart of Darkness, er, Washington, District of Corruption. Now, folks, as Obomber used to say, this is ugly, no matter how you look at it--even in the dark of night. So, while I might later compose some stuff about our Californicated Respresentive Trash, such as Rep. Swalwell (rhymes with "doesn't smell well"). today I shall sing the praises?