climate change

Climate change--the industry thereof--is a scam.

I'm a proponent of Robert Frosts's poem fire and ice, which I was fortunate enough to hear Frost himself recite a month before he died. I don't know how this globe itself will end--a cold, dark death when the sun dies. A solar super flare. Who knows? It sure ain't me. I would like to see the nightly smirk on Al Gore's face every night when he counts the silver. An inconvenient truth, Mr. Gore and co-dependents, is that climate always changes over time.

What matters in a president?

While it may be foolish to look to our political system for solutions to our problems, it is arguable that who is president at any given time matters. I used to be less certain about this. I had come to the view that any president was basically a spokes-model for the 1%, and hence the military industrial complex, Wall Street, the establishment, the oligarchy, etc.

So while the masses hide in their homes --

or at least while that portion of the masses which HAS homes rests in their homes, there are at least a few people in Florida paying attention -- and they've formed the Underwater Homeowners Association, a group dedicated to showing the neighbors that they are minimally paying attention

Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system.

It's hotter than Mercury, which is much closer to the Sun than Venus. Why is this so? 90 atmospheres of carbon dioxide coat Venus' surface, keeping the temperature on the surface at an even 864 degrees Fahrenheit, or 462 degrees Celsius. Compare this with practically-no-atmosphere Mercury at only 800 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

As we oh-so-slowly wake up to the reality of climate murder-suicide

I've no doubt written a few diaries on climate change, and they probably weren't my most popular diaries -- but this ought to be a bit of fun. The day before yesterday there appeared a piece "the big problem with climate 'realism,'" with a fun picture of Nancy Pelosi on the front. This is from "The Week." At any rate, the piece argues:

In the midst of the daily cray-cray

In the midst of the daily cray-cray (srsly), I sometimes like to pause and look on the bright side. We are having national conversations about many important issues: race and discrimination, police violence and militarized policing, LGBTQ rights, health care for all, free education, wealth and income inequality, dysfunctional government, human rights, immigration, socialism vs.