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Book review: Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope, Climate of Hope

The subtitle of this book is "How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet." Okay so why am I reviewing a book that was published in 2017? Mostly it's because with the ascension of Bernie Sanders' second campaign, the elites are getting desperate. And so Michael Bloomberg to the rescue!

Two reTweets for your consideration

First, from the Extinction Rebellion newsletter’s ‘Drones Are Changing Asymmetrical Warfare, September 18, 2019, Max Wilbert, deep green resistance news service

The following scheme is deranged, dangerous, and as disgusting as any thing I’ve heard promoted in a long time.  In fact, after having worked on this for a couple days, before bed last night I’d tossed my cookies when the images flashed in my mind like a neon light again.  It’s also insanely cavalier given how much of the world depends on oil for heating, cooling, and cooking through no fault of their own, and how many economies are based on oil.  Whose refineries does Wilbert imagine drone bombing next?

Evil in the Age of Utopian Dreaming

Adolf Hitler had two utopian dreams, both of which were evil and both of which constituted the core of Hitler's political philosophy.

The first one, more familiar to today's masses, was Judenfrage, translated as the "Jewish Question." Hitler's answer to the "Jewish Question," initially, was to remove all Jews from Germany. Eventually this became kill them all.

Tuesday Open Thread ~ When the Levee Breaks


"…much of the conversation about Hurricane Dorian—including most media coverage—ignores climate change. That's a mistake. It's akin to talking about lung cancer and being afraid to mention smoking, or talking about traffic deaths and being afraid to talk about drunken driving." ~ David Leonhardt


Welcome to Tuesday’s Open Thread. A few days ago there was a news article in Joe’s EB about the media's coverage of Hurricane Dorian. The concern voiced in the article was that the kind of storm-porn the media loves to feed us, negates any real discussion over how to prepare our cities in the face of these extreme storms. This type of reporting isn't new. I watched the same coverage when I was living in New York after Superstorm Sandy. What is new are the storms themselves. So why aren't we talking about them in a more relevant way?

Climate change--the industry thereof--is a scam.

I'm a proponent of Robert Frosts's poem fire and ice, which I was fortunate enough to hear Frost himself recite a month before he died. I don't know how this globe itself will end--a cold, dark death when the sun dies. A solar super flare. Who knows? It sure ain't me. I would like to see the nightly smirk on Al Gore's face every night when he counts the silver. An inconvenient truth, Mr. Gore and co-dependents, is that climate always changes over time.

What matters in a president?

While it may be foolish to look to our political system for solutions to our problems, it is arguable that who is president at any given time matters. I used to be less certain about this. I had come to the view that any president was basically a spokes-model for the 1%, and hence the military industrial complex, Wall Street, the establishment, the oligarchy, etc.