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Hundreds of business and government leaders from around the world, as well as experts, nonprofits, national officials, movie stars and celebrities will convene in San Francisco today and tomorrow for the Global Climate Action Summit. Missing is the US military. Heh. These folks are gathering ostensibly to find ways to meet the Paris Agreement goals. But, they will meet, talk, and what? Capitalists want profit. You do the math.

A parallel and alternative conference, sol2sol, reflecting social justice goals is also taking place this week. There is no difference between justice for Gaia and reverence for all people.

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How To Avoid “Hot House Earth”

Here is a straightforward and simple path, a clear formula for action, a prescription if you will, that will allow us to avoid the catastrophic repercussions of a “Hot House Earth”.

Simply said...

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Global 'Warning'

The Arctic is now the fastest warming place on the planet. As it heats it is melting the sea ice. The melting of Arctic sea ice decreases the amount of reflective surface. Dark water absorbs more heat which:

Why does the climate crisis appear hopeless? A critique of Nathaniel Rich's NYT piece

Climate change appears to be a hopeless spiral into ever-hotter temperatures, with eventual outcomes being crop failure, release of methane clathrates from permafrost and from ocean floors and the transformation of Earth into a planet of Venus-lite, dead to the universe.

On Class and Climate Change

At the end of June, I posted a video here called Getting Serious about Climate Change. I was hoping for feedback and I got some. Some things were easy to fix like my mispronunciation of Arrhenius. Some things could not be fixed so easily without crippling my basic point. I traced the problem back to my over-flippant use of the term Institutionalism. My fascination with this line of thinking is largely due to my interest in its class analysis. So I have written the following in the hope that it will explain the reasoning behind that video.

Getting serious about climate change

For some time now, I have been trying to find a way to explain the sheer size of the climate change dilemmas. If merely pointing out the massive size were not a big enough problem by itself, the politicization of an engineering-industrial design-progressive economics matter made things worse.

Humanity - gone without a whimper

Humans are the odd duck in the animal kingdom.

We evolved to have a combination of features that allowed us to prosper and thrive over time: being bipedal, having opposable thumbs, and of course our brain which expanded energy towards developing our reasoning and cognitive ability. However, when we dive into the anatomy of man we begin to see the trade offs as well as the detrimental attributes we accumulated.

Bids to build renewable energy in Colorado point to a bright future

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In Colorado, an electric utility's request for proposals to build new generating capacity resulted in stunning evidence that renewables are now cheaper than fossil fuels--even with storage capacity included for when solar and wind are "down."

Through Knowledge Peace

Linndale Peace Memorial (Google Street View)

December 28, 2017. Cleveland is in a deep freeze. It seems to have come about a month early this winter. The weather service forecasts the cold spell to run for at least another week. I am driving through icy, slushy streets. But it's mostly sunny, though by the rays of a low-arching winter sun. I see one car that looks like it has just been washed. The rest have a road salt glaze.