The best Russian propaganda stories

Bryan MacDonald's thread is a good opportunity to update our list of all the issues, ideas and things Russia has weaponized.

MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian Armed Forces has unveiled its latest cutting-edge weapon in a New Year’s greetings video: cuddly puppies.

After a year of showing off its military might in Syria, the Defense Ministry has taken a softer approach in a one-minute video showing dozens of puppies sharing food and cuddling with each other. Older dogs are shown playing with unidentified officers.

In the Chinese calendar, 2018 is the year of the dog, so many Russians are using dogs in their holiday greetings this season.

Over 3,000 dogs are employed in the Russian armed forces.

Dogs from the 470th Dog Breeding Center outside Moscow are among the most decorated in Russia. The center won an international competition last summer against the canine forces of Belarus, Egypt, Iran and Uzbekistan.

Kinda lite on the details of how Russian dawgs got people to start seeing HerHeinous for who she is and change their vote to Trump. I might have missed it though.

The titles are funny as all get out. From Moon of Alabama.

Even while the list below now includes 111 entries - like robotic cockroaches, postmodernism and 14.legged squids - it is likely far from being complete.

Was Noah Green the weaponized target of the GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) masked as the FBI Cointelpro?
Russia News, April 2021

Congress Can Do Better to Fight Weaponized Corruption
Foreign Policy, April 2021

WAR ON THE WEST West on brink of vaccine ‘world war’ as Putin ‘weaponizes’ Sputnik V jab to ‘attack’ the EU, warns Macron
Sun, March 2021

Secret Is Out: Russia Weaponized and Trained Dolphins and Whales
National Interest, January 2021

Russia 'is researching how to weaponise deadly Ebola virus as part of a catastrophic doomsday project', experts fear
Daily Mail, December 2020

Vladimir Putin wasted no time in weaponizing Trump's election conspiracies to spread Russian propaganda
Busines Insider, November 2020

How Russia Tried to Weaponize Charlie Sheen
Foreign Policy, September 2020

‘Beijing & Moscow have weaponized space through killer satellites, directed energy weapons’: Defense Sec
Sociable, September 2020

Russia Weaponizes Increasingly Sophisticated Disinformation
AFCEA, September 2020

China and Russia ‘have weaponised space with killer energy weapon satellites’
Daily Star, September 2020

Russia’s Weaponization of Tradition: The Case of the Orthodox Church in Montenegro
CSIS, September 2020

Will Russia Weaponize Its Wheat As the World Combats the Coronavirus?
National Interest, July 2020

Russia Weaponized (Again) with Anthony Leonardi
OAN (video), July 2020

Putin’s Russia has weaponized World War II
Atlantic Council, May 2020

Russia has weaponized ideas of Samuel Huntington
The Hill, February 2020

How Russia weaponized social media, got caught and escaped consequences
Washington Post, November 2019

How Russian Hybrid Warfare Has Weaponized Disinformation
Daily Signal, November 2019
Russian Hybrid Warfare Has Weaponized Disinformation
Ohio Star, November 2019

Russian Hybrid Warfare Has Weaponized Disinformation
Tennessee Star, November 2019

For Russia, Even the Language Can Be a Weapon
Bloomberg, November 2019

Russia Unveils 'Unique' Weaponized Icebreaker as It Eyes Arctic Oil and Gas
Newsweek, October 2019
The Weaponization of Postmodernism: Russia’s New War with Europe
LSE, July 2019

The Russians weaponized laughter!
David Peck/Medium, February 2019

How Putin's Russia turned humour into a weapon
BBC, December 2018

Weaponizing an Economy: The Cryptoruble and Russia’s Dystopian Future
U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), November 2018

Weaponizing Religion: Putin's Philosopher Ivan Ilyin
Daily Kos, November 2018

The Russians Are Weaponizing Health Information
History News Network, September 2018

Russian trolls are weaponizing the vaccine "debate" to divide Americans
Big Think, August 2018

US Accused Russia Of Weaponizing Space Due To “Abnormal Behavior” Of “Mysterious” Satellite
Raw Conservative Opinions, August 2018

It's been 5 months since a Putin critic was found murdered in London, but almost nothing's happened since — and Russia is weaponizing the silence
Buisiness Insider, August 2018

Russia Accused Of ‘Weaponized’ Anti-Vaccine Disinformation Attacks
PrepForThat, August 2018

Weaponizing hypocrisy, in Russia and beyond
Columbia Journalism Review, July 2018

America's racism has long been Russia's secret weapon
CNN, July 2018

How Russia Is Weaponizing International Students in the New Cold War
Alternet, June 2018

Russia, Facebook & Cybersecurity: Combating Weaponized FUD in the Social Media Age
Information Week, June 2018

Polish PM Calls Nord Stream 2 'Weapon' Of Hybrid Warfare
RFERL, May 2018

Weaponizing culture: “civilizationism” and nationalism in Putin’s Russia
NED, March 2018

There are links to the articles at the link as well as 70 more stories about how Russia weaponized.....

In case you missed this earlier.

I’d love to send this to my uncle and a few friends who have drunk the Russian Kool-Aide, but they just aren’t interested in seeing anything that might interfere with the facts that democrats and their media sycophants have told them about why the worst person in recent history lost to Trump. They also won’t see Obama’s and democrats role in his winning. If Trump hadn’t screwed up Covid so badly he’d have won a second term. I have no doubt. He is still very insistent on believing that he actually did. I’ve seen no proof, but if democrats are willing to cheat to win the primaries with their pick in place then why would it be out of bounds for them to cheat in the general? Oops went off again.

But now we see how their constant pushing of propaganda about Russia and many of the things Trump did paying off for them. The guardian article about how it’s Russia pushing for war and not us and our puppet Zelensky that Joe posted in Friday’s EBs was probably not questioned by the readers. But for me the absolute worse outcome of Russia Gate is what is happening to Julian Assange and how people who would absolutely stand against the act are happy that it’s happening to him. 1st the accusations that Russia gave the hacked material to Wikileaks which caused Her loss and the rape allegations in Sweden that he was never charged for. Julian did not skip bail. He sought sanctuary inside the Ecuadorian embassy which was his right to do because he knew that we were gunning for him. Somebody in Britain with power should point that out.

So whilst these headlines might be funny, there is real damage behind them.

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Lookout featured was really way out there! LOL!

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that Americans believe this stuff when our own government is doing its damnedest to destroy its own citizens. Even if Russia wanted to destroy us (which I do not believe) why would they want to make the effort when our own government is doing such a great job without them even having to try?

This is funny as hell, but I cannot believe people are actually buying this baloney.

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Do I hear the sound of guillotines being constructed?

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F. Kennedy

Here is part of the rhetoric.

Some information on Bill Browder.

William Felix Browder (born April 23, 1964)[1] is an American-born British financier and political activist.

The primary investment strategy of Browder was shareholder rights activism. Browder took on large Russian companies such as Gazprom, Surgutneftegaz, Unified Energy Systems, and Sidanco.[7] In retaliation, on November 13, 2005, Browder was refused entry to Russia, deported to the UK, and declared a threat to Russian national security.[8]

Browder lobbied for Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act, a law to punish Russian human rights violators, which was signed into law in 2012 by President Barack Obama.[11][13] In 2013, both Magnitsky and Browder were tried in absentia in Russia for tax fraud.[14] Both men—Magnitsky had died four years prior—were convicted and sentenced to imprisonment. Interpol rejected Russian requests to arrest Browder, saying the case was political.[15] In 2014, the European Parliament voted for sanctions against 30 Russians believed complicit in the Magnitsky case; this was the first time it had taken such action.

In July 2017, Browder testified to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

On October 19, 2017, Canada enacted its own Magnitsky Act, which permits the freezing of assets and the suspension of visas when officials from Russia and other nations are found to be guilty of human rights violations; Canadian firms are prohibited from dealing with foreign nationals who have grossly violated human rights.[16] Other countries including Estonia, Lithuania, and the United Kingdom, have also enacted their own version of the Magnitsky Act.[17]

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