Open Thread - 02-10-23 - The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse

Authors note: The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. What is that? Greed. [1]

One may wax philosophically about that which ails man, especially in this day and age of policrises. An argument can be made that our current dilemma is caused by a myriad of causes, such as dwindling resources, or overpopulation, or climate change, or war, or economic collapse, or global health. Any one of these can be considered existential. Here we are in the third decade of the new millennium, confronted with all of these crises at the same time. Is it by chance that this has happened or is there an underlying causal phenomenon at work? It is tempting to lay blame at the feet of overpopulation as the root of all our current emergencies. That may very well be true. This piece is not about the temporal aspects of the policrisis, but more about the philosophical tenets of the existential fork(s) in the road. In other words, that component of the human psyche that has brought us the point of no return.

In my simplistic and humble opinion it all boils down to one human trait: greed.


Open Thread - 12-16-22 - A Most Joyous Holiday Season

What the world needs, right now, coming into this holiday season is, less war, less pestilence, less famine, less hate. The world needs more peace, more love, more economic justice, and less Useless Parasitic Eaters. Right now.

Would it not behoove the world to shed itself of that which causes those blights that threaten its existence?

Shed itself of that which, in light of peak oil and climate change, is a major cause of both maladies. Those that fly private jets to all points of the world. Those that flaunt a lavish lifestyle while calling for austerity for all we Bob Cratchits and Tiny Tims of the world. Those that control the largest consumers of oil and the biggest cause of climate change, the militaries. Those that point fingers at the common folk of the world as they rape the planet. Those that eat kobe steak while suggesting the world eat insects. Those that use their wealth to stomp on the necks of their misplaced ideation of the great unwashed. Those that want the world as their oyster at our expense. Those that want far less competition for the remaining resources that they see as their own. Those that want it all because they consider themselves the crown of creation, as they sit upon their piles of ill-gotten wealth.

We, the world, need less Klaus Schwab, less Yuval Harari, less Bill Gates, less WEF.


Open Thread - 09-09-22 - Hellbent for Leather

The terms hell for leather and hell-bent are similar but have different meanings. We will look at the meaning of hell for leather and hell-bent, where the terms come from and examine some examples of their use in sentences.

Hell for leather means as fast as possible. The term was first used in print in 1889 by Rudyard Kipling, specifically referring to riding a horse at breakneck speed. The leather in this case either refers to the leather in the saddle or the leather in the crop.

Hell-bent describes someone who is determined to do something no matter how the effort effects himself or anyone else, at any cost. Hell-bent is an adjective that carries a connotation of recklessness or foolishness, it is an American word that was first used in the early 1800s. Interestingly, a new term is beginning to emerge that combines hell for leather and hell-bent. Hell-bent for leather describes someone who is determined to do something no matter what the cost, and does it in a ferocious manner.


The West sure seems not only hellbent for leather but hellbent for hell as well. Especially Europe. IMHO, the West's wealth is being hovered up at a rapid rate. There are so many things happening at once and it all appears to be aimed at the middle class. The rest of the West is being fleeced as well, but Europe is really in the hotseat.


Open Thread - 08-26-22 - Schwabean Dreams are Made of These

I'm sitting here at my desk, Friday morning, unprepared and wondering what I am going to write about. I had a rough day yesterday mowing, trimming and pulling vines from a chain link fence which is always a great pleasure. If you've ever had to do that then you know about the exquisite jollification of intertwined vines and metal. The grass and all things green just took off with the recent long awaited rains here in east Texas. Today will be another day of mowing, 4 acres worth. It's good seeing green grass again.

Granma.jpgThrough the window I can see that damn squirrel on the bird feeder scarfing down all of the sunflower seeds again. It's a pesky little tree rat, as Fat Freddie would say, or was it Free Wheelin' Franklin? Invoking the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers always calms me. I wonder what those old boys would have to say about current affairs. Oh yeah, it would go something like "Weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed", or some such. It's that kind of philosophical wisdom that calms me, if you catch my drift.

I usually jump up and run outside and chase that fluffy tailed menace from the feeder, but you know what, it's just trying to survive like everything and everybody Grampa's_Car.jpgelse. So I'm going to take a pass today and leave the squirrel alone. I think that's a sentiment that we'd all like to see more of in our lives. Just leave us alone and let us manage our lives as we seem fit. But you know how those damned power hungry megalomaniac types are. They like to poop in people's boots, just like Fat Freddie's cat.

Speaking of megalomaniacs. Are you all getting as tired of this Klaus Schwab character as much as I am? Just who the hell does he think he is? (See what I did there)? Does he really think he can rule the world? Does he really think he can tamp down human spirit? Good luck with that Dr. Evil.

I wonder what Klaus dreams about at night?


Open Thread - 08-19-22 - 21st Century Schizoid Man

How are we divided? Let me count the ways.

Race, gender, economic class, religion, ethnicity, age, education, language, profession, geographic location, medical status, on and on and on. We have become so pigeon-holed and compartmentalized that a certain group wants to divide us further into human and trans-human entities. One is no longer able to just be "me", you must be labeled and categorized, many times over. Have we ever been so divided as we are now?

I purposely left out a big one on my list, politics, that which I think of as building "interpersonal walls", divisions which to me are a mental construct designed as a control mechanism. It has served psychopaths and sociopaths for millennia.

Here in the US politics boils down to a republican/democrat, red/blue dichotomy. Oh. sure, there are other subsets, but for intents and purposes, it is boiled down to the two party system. The system is rigged as such.

We here at c99 are at least trying to open discourse between the two factions with our nonpartisan discussion policy. In my humble opinion, we don't stand a chance unless we stand together and find common ground. I'll iterate again, the struggle is not horizontal, it is vertical. It's a class struggle.

The current political zeitgeist could make a person feel a bit schizo, no?


Open Thread - 08-05-22 - A Potpouri of Political Postulations

Whose Reality Do You Live In?

My wife and I travel a lot around the country. We mostly stay at motels. It's at these temporary stop-overs that I turn on the TV, something that I haven't done for years at home. My usual refrain is; "Since it's paid for we will use it". It was at a recent stop-over that something caught my eye. I've oft wondered how it is that people are so susceptible to mind control. How it is that so many seem to have lost any semblance of critical thinking. And then I saw it.

While surfing for something to fill background noise I happened upon Fox News so I left it on for a few minutes. I can't remember exactly what the talking head was bleating about but I did take notice of the background imagery that accompanied the commentator. I saw subtle thought steering using symbolism and subliminal perceptive inferences. The commentator's words were enhanced by the imagery, a double splash of propaganda, verbally and visually, engaging both the conscious and subconscious mind.

We all know how the propaganda is catapulted. Movies, newspapers, radio, books, etc. It starts at a very young age and continues throughout our lives. I am now convinced that the television is the main mode of brainwashing, both in words and imagery, and I also suspect, by audio sensory.

Television has created the boobus americanus' modern reality. Thanks Obama. It's most noticeable if one doesn't watch TV at all, but if one were to quit watching for a few months and then turn it back on to the news it should pop out like a jack-in-the-box.

Then watch the commercials to see who is funding the propaganda.

How is this insidiousness negated? Shut the damn thing off.

TV propaganda.jpg
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Open Thread - 06-03-22 - The Great Reset

The Great Reset. Let's talk about it.

I'm sure by now we all have a pretty good idea of what the Great Reset is all about, Klaus Schwab and the WEF are not shy about their plans. So, let's not focus on the various tenets of the design, but let us take a look at the reasoning behind what seems to be a rush to implement the Great Reset now rather than the previously projected 2030 timeline.

One world government has always been the stated goal of the Reseters, but, IMHO, it's greed and power that are the true impetus. But why does there now seem to be a frenzied rush to get it done?

Here are a few of the reasons I've come up with than may explain the rush to Reset: