Kinda "Breaking" news

Seems Megyn is going for the bucks, or the dominance or displacing Family Feud on good ole NBC.

Hey, it will all work out.

She definitely looks better in a dress than BillO.

Sacrifice true political discourse cause Katie Couric is damaged?

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

Who said Anthrax?

If Hillary's Ad About 'Helping' Children Was Honest (Updated with Iraq Vote bit and ending slogan)

If you've watched TV or watched videos on the internet, chances are you've seen Hillary's latest ad about how she's spent her whole life 'helping children'. Well, here's what it would sound like if this ad were honest:

Les Beastiables Wander Into a New Jungle

Les Beastiables ("Les Bez") say the beastliest things!

Greetings, 99%! I hope you will enjoy my sharing with you this week's cartoon based, of course, on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who recently announced that he is running for President. He has been beastly for a long time, continues to be beastly, and has surely earned his turn as one of Les Beastiables.

Chris Chrimpanzie Bridgegate.jpg

NOTE FOR NEW READERS: This series features a new Les Beastiables cartoon every Wednesday about 1:30-1:45 PM Eastern on Daily Kos, Friday afternoons here. We indulge in a little Franglish because the French are tres classy. But I digresse.

For the serious story behind the cartoon lampoon, please read on while we make the beastie squirm on the hot seat. Then you'll be able to "cleanse your palate" with cute chimp photos before you leave.