Alison Wunderland

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Same as Methuselah's
Unrepentant Hippy. Never bought the Big Lie. Saw the writing on the wall when Raygun got elected (if not before.) Been fuming ever since. Retired(lotsa things): Union Ironworker, Local #401, goldsmith, silversmith, lapidary, carpenter, taper, house painter, truck driver, cab driver, surveyor, lumberjack, bartender. Spent my life building things, large and small. My favorites are toys, kitchen utensils, boats, and furniture. Been together very happily with Mrs.AB for 30 years, though we did give each other the 100,000 mile road test for the first eight. Mrs.AB is an accomplished jeweler, extra fine cook, and a joy to be with. I'll refer to her as "She Who Puts Up With Me", or SWPUWM for short. I'm a high school dropout. I also speak French and Italian, and stumble along in Spanish. I can curse in Polish and Urdu. We always have a houseful of cats. We feed and care for porch cats and birds, and inadvertently feed squirrels, raccoons, and possums.
Glocca Morra on the Delaware
Making cookies, and bad jokes.
Gardening, Reading, Cooking, Sailing, Telling Jokes, Punning.