The Democrats are still in trouble

The Democratic Party favorability hit a new all-time low. Gee, maybe they aren't talking about Russia enough?
It's no surprise that Republicans hate Democrats, but it's a problem that only 23% of Independents like Democrats. The only good news in this poll is that people hate Republicans even more.

TYT's Cenk Lays It Down : HRC Should Be "Very" Concerned, Support "Super-Soft," She Is The "Mayor" of the Village of Corruption.

Just wanted to bring this all to everyone's attention if you hadn't seen it.

Cenk seems to be at his wit's end and burning out with having to defend a candidate he knows in his heart of hearts is a rancid embodiment of everything that's wrong with politics and everything he's been standing up to fighting against. But there's that shadow, that lurking monster around the corner, that big, plodding dunce coming for us..."We Must Defeat Trump."

Just another example of why the GOS doesn't understand politics

You've probably seen the weekly hit pieces on Jill Stein.
You can spot them by their 1) slanderous half-truths based on taking things out of context, and 2) drawing hyperbolic conclusions from that slander.

What you haven't seen is the same treatment for Libertarian Gary Johnson.