Our Revolution

We're going to support only Democrats because...

because why?

Has anyone really asked this of Bernie or the Bernie people or Justice Democrats/ Our Revolution/ Brand New Congress/ Coalition to Promote Maybe You Get A Little Something For Your Tax Dollars?

Are any of those organizations planning to support any candidate anywhere (outside of Bernie, but only technically) who isn't a Democrat?

Resistance and Solidarity

Election fever season seems to be heating up to a level unprecedented in recent cycles and the hype is getting pretty thick relative to the significance of the election.

Not that you asked for my opinion, but, this is probably the least important election of my lifetime. That is not to say that other events are not consequential, we live in precarious times with the sands of change shifting under our feet. The thing is, it's quite unlikely that this election will make any difference in addressing the urgent situations that humankind is facing.

We have gotten to the point in the cycle where we can say that (excluding the occurance of a miracle) the winner of the election will either be an unhinged, deeply corrupt, war-mongering, McCarthyite, racist, austerity and globalization-promoting, fracking queen - or it will be an unhinged, austerity-promoting, tax-chopping, racist, ego-driven, narcissistic, climate-change-denying, loose cannon, con-man.

In other words, the Democrat or the Republican will probably win.