Media attacks progressive groups

Progressive groups had some wins, sooooo they must be losing.

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"The tumult at Our Revolution continued raging with the resignation of another founding board member late Wednesday."

"...a week of reverberations in the wake of a POLITICO report detailing widespread problems within the group."

and then there's Perez endorsing Cuomo after saying, last week!, that the DNC shouldn't endorse anyone!, and an unnamed DNC official laying on this garbage. I've highlighted the buzz words that are supposed to make us think this is heartwarming....

“Tom has a decades-long relationship with both Gov. Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Hochul. From knocking on doors for the governor’s dad in Buffalo to their work together on fair housing in the Clinton administration to their collaborative work during Tom’s tenure as labor secretary, the two have many shared accomplishments and developed a strong personal bond"

such....well, I can't use the language I'm thinking. Perhaps you can supply it in your own head.

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one thing I'm going to enjoy..I hope! I think Cuomo will win the Dem nomination and that Nixon will run on the WFP ticket. Then, I'm sure, as you are, that centrist Dems will cry about how she shouldn't run at all because it will split the Dem vote and a Republican could win.

but I remember very well how Bill Clinton chuckled that annoying chuckle of his, when Lieberman wouldn't go away and, instead, formed the Connecticut for Lieberman Party. Clinton chuckled and said "what's wrong with TWO Democrats running?" So that's what I'm going to say if Cuomo gets the Dem nod.

and if a Republican wins because of it maybe that would be fitting.

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Where I don't have a "dog" in the fight. Consequently, as an indifferent spectator, I'm not sure what result will bring me the most satisfaction. Time will tell.

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