Bush's Death Symbolizes the State of this Union

Ah hell, I just wanted it to go by without reacting much. Fortunately I don't watch TV news (local or national) or political shows so I haven't been subjected to much of the official "state" version. But I do watch some sports and tonight on Monday Night Football, there it was, the moment of silence for "a great American hero". Everybody stood and obediently bowed their heads, the players included, while they thought of what exactly?

What the hell were they thinking?

Dore Asks: Who’s More Corrupt, Democrats Or Republicans?

Really interesting discussion in this video. I won't give away the answer, but you know who is more corrupt, don't you. They talk about Trump being just a symptom of the real problem that this is now an Oligarchy, not a Democracy.

Special guest - Richard Eskow, Bernie Sanders' writer during his presidential campaign.

Midnight Special - Government, Taxes and The Class War

This is a reply I made to my brother in an email. It was a conversation about a story how "high income earners are leaving high tax states". My brother is a conservative fairly right wing former republican (like alot of former democrats) who is strongly for limited government and taxes with the conservative belief that people should be able to "keep what they earn".

The Weekly Watch

In Order to Form a More Perfect Oligarchy

If we are an Empire, who is the Emperor? There isn't one. It's a cabal. A cabal of billionaires and CEO's...integrated vertically and horizontally...united by profit...banks and money supply, the war machine, fossil fuels, big pharma and health insurance, food and seed production, congress and the courts...all while holding the big media megaphone...with tentacles reaching around the globe and into our local city, county, and state power structure. But the pressing issue of the day...and seemingly everyday...is what will T-rump tweet as the world burns?