You'll own nothing. They will own EVERYTHING!

No one doubts that there is a housing affordability crisis. The problem is the lack of solutions. At present the only solution that ever gets offered is 'build more houses'.
While that would help, no one ever bothers to mention that expanding supply in middle of an economic bubble usually doesn't work out well.

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Not Us...but THEM!

I think we are purposefully set up to fight against our own interests...red/blue, gay/straight, libertarian/socialist, BLM/Boogaloos and an array of other divides. As a result we fail to see the real impediment to a functioning society benefiting most people and protecting the planet is the oligarchs. This week the rigging of the market by the elites to limit the people's investment was made obvious with the Gamestop fiasco. I suspect that soon, designed distractions will insure we're pitted against other working people while the oligarchs laugh all the way to the banks they own. This became plain to me this week when Jimmy was attacked (45 min) for daring to speak to a boogaloo boy (40 min). There are many views we hold in common with this person. The idea we should not even talk with people who have different ideas is absurd. For my perspective we must learn to focus on policy issues NOT identity politics designed to keep us apart. TPTB assassinated MLK when he dared to try to unite blacks and whites in a working class coalition. Since that time, we've failed again and again to rebuild that working class movement...in part because we are divided or thwarted whenever that becomes a possibility (OWS and the 2016 Bernie campaign come to mind).

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Dore Asks: Who’s More Corrupt, Democrats Or Republicans?

Really interesting discussion in this video. I won't give away the answer, but you know who is more corrupt, don't you. They talk about Trump being just a symptom of the real problem that this is now an Oligarchy, not a Democracy.

Special guest - Richard Eskow, Bernie Sanders' writer during his presidential campaign.