My experience with private insurance before the ACA, and my thoughts re the viability of Obamacare.

FYI, gjohnsit has another fine essay out today, focusing on Obamacare. Originally I wanted to leave these words as a comment in that essay, but quickly realized that it would have been far, far too long, and so I decided to write my own "essay" instead. This piece is a collection of certain of my prior comments on TOP; I hope readers will find them useful.

Will Poors Pay The Fine Now That ACA Coops Strangled?

This will be short because smart phone, but sharing it in hopes others will find it as interesting as I did. Have a number of relatives who are surely faced with paying the ACA fine for no coverage.

Ah, yes, remember when we realized we got punked by Mr. Obama , maybe felt slightly hopeful when Senator Sanders got Coops added to ACA ?

Here's the latest on the death throes of a state coop and the choices faced by people afterward.

Thanks, Obama!

Cartoon: Les Beastiables -- Senator Ted Cruzmel, Presidential Candidate!

Les Beastiables ("Les Bez"): Beasties say the darnedest things!

Hey everybody! It's hump day Friday! Today's Beastiable is Senator Ted Cruz(mel). He has said and done beastly things for many years now, and so he has earned his turn as one of Les Beastiables.

Ted Cruzmel, Les Beastiables, Les Bez, Ted Cruz, Republican, Elections

NOTE FOR NEW READERS: This series features a new Les Beastiables cartoon every Wednesday about 1:45 PM Eastern. We indulge in a little Franglish because the French are tres classy. But I digresse.

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