natural gas

US to "back up" China and Indias demand for Natural Gas, "until its dry" Gas export will lead to loss of much rental housing nationwide

US families, as long expected will soon be engaged in a bidding war for natural gas for cooking and heating with the other 7 billion people in the world, adding an unknown amount to our heating and cooling bills.. A story in the New York Times shows how the real news is skillfully hidden and concealed.. And How we are being manipulated by the Russia Russia Russia dialog..

Prepay gas meters?

Have any of you seen prepay gas meters in your community yet? Since a lot of people are expected to fall behind this winter they hope to introduce new meters like in Europe, that must be topped off to deliver energy. Like pay as you go cell phones, Internet, etc. What do you think?
Can you afford their new expensive prices? EIA says energy could double "or more" over the next few years. Costs of heating and cooking could go up a lot.