US to "back up" China and Indias demand for Natural Gas, "until its dry" Gas export will lead to loss of much rental housing nationwide

US families, as long expected will soon be engaged in a bidding war for natural gas for cooking and heating with the other 7 billion people in the world, adding an unknown amount to our heating and cooling bills.. A story in the New York Times shows how the real news is skillfully hidden and concealed.. And How we are being manipulated by the Russia Russia Russia dialog..

We see the first story and its deceptive headline "U.S. to Bolster Europe’s Fuel Supply to Blunt Threat of Russian Cutoff"

Most Americans dont realize that we are committed to "Most Favored Nation" which mens that once we sell it to one other country, we must sell to all other WTO Members, including China and India.
So, that means, we suddenly are bidding against the whole rest of the orld for US natural gas. And those prices are much more than Americans are used to. The price to US families could easy end up triple the current prices within two or three years.

Would we be able to stop exporting if say, millions of Americans are forced to move sothward to catch up with the suns rays so they can live where they can afford heat? No. not unless we are ready to pay millions of dollars in compensation to "injured parties" for example, the companies that are coverting LNG terminals that not long ago imported LNG so they can be used to export it. All 3ISDS suits under the Energy treaties have been huge.



There is another story - the one about WTO putting tariffs on wood exports, whether they have a legal right to make wood more expensive. No this is not about firewood, its about conifer woods used in building.. The kind people build houses on. No doubt as apartment buildings are torn down, houses will need tobe built for the soon to be homeless..

, this will be a test case to make sure we cant bow out of the export of the LNG, as it will create a legal precedent..

This is exactly the kind of case that the WTO often decide now. Just like we wont be able to say no on the export of natural gas, to save our seniors from freezing and our urban dwellers postwar multifamily rental housing, Russia wont be able to say no on the export of their trees.

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Oil and gas is priced differently around the world. The US has always had cheap gasoline, compared to the much of the rest of the world, as well. Oil producing nations can set their own prices for domestic oil, if they wish. Norway sets its gasoline price very high. Venezuela sets its price very low.

High prices for gasoline would have people flocking to electric cars.

Venezuela used to send natural gas to US northern states because it was too expensive to buy in the US. Sometimes they sent it free. This was very recent.

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Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
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the power grid. Why do we think people in colder states should never depend on electricity for heating unless they like throwing money away.

They are truing to covince people to think electricty is affordable to heat with, or "heat pumps" neither creates affordable energy when there is none. It all comes down to that, this change could destroy millions of peoples finances. People who are at best, struggling now and now will be doing even worse.

Also, as I said, since most large apartment buildings heat depends on cheap natural gas, we will probably lose all that postwar housing due to the fact that the change will make it easy to call all that housing "obsolete" and lead to mass redevelopment of all those buildings, which means a huge reset on rents in urban centers. That will evict millions of people on the streets.

I used to be (legitimately) on mailing lists that informed me of this gathering storm.

Look, this doesnt matter topeople who own their own new housing, it only matters to those of us who are on tight budgets and must pay for heat, or who live in older buildings that depend totally on natural gas. I wouldnt be surprised if switching to oil heat got around it, that would llow people to continue to live in cities where their jobs and friends and families were. The country needs to be aware of this likelihood. Politicians need to know that by selling off the natural gas they are making it possible to destroy the largest Democratic voting communities, forcing millions of Dems out on the street. No problem for them if they have perfect credit and oftentimes thousands more dollars per month to pay, market rents. Its only a crisis because they had subsidized heating and subsidized housing for around 40 years thats now ending. They will need perfect credit to move. and incomes that are 3 times the monthly rent. Or co signers who will assume the leases in their names. For the young "trustafarians" of today, that usually is provided by rich parents or grandparents. Sometimes they buy condos for them. Make no mistake about it the subsidized rents provided by rent stabilization laws are worth huge amounts of money to families. Millions of dollars. So it will be like losing huge sums of money to people, because thats what it would cost to replace the apartments.

How was the postwar apartment buildings, often rent stabilized, housing subsidized? Because it used natural gas that was. Now the natural gas's price is rising to its world market price. And at the same time steps are being taken so skilled wages will be falling to their average world price. The older buildings will be torn down because they use natural gas, which is obsolete the new PR campaign tells us. Its not green enough. So people will blame their becoming homeless on the Democrats and their (fake) "green New Deal" of course.; This has all been planned out.

By the way, the young people were promised jobs to vote for it, that was a big Lie, as the jobs would likely go to foreign subcontractors, and the jobs would pay them minimum wage, not $15 an hour. And they wont go to US young people, they will go to whomever is hired in the "authoritarian bargain" countries..
The authoritarian bargain is falling apart, I just read, (so it seems we are giving them more patronage jobs to prop the corrupt dictators up, the jobs that should have gone to US young people are being traded away by the increasingly corrupt US politicians.
Young people believed the hiders empty promises of $15/hr jobs and a fake "green new deal" too good to be true.

They snoozed, they lost.

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