Marijuana and the Law; Light Up or Leave Me Alone

Justice is blind and also slow. In America Justice remains slow but is no longer blind, overtly giving power to elites and corporations. Many inequities in law we experience today are the results of a two-tiered "justice" system. As the purpose of this essay is not to concentrate on judicial failings, and by extension societal failings, but to discuss a topic in which restrictions are antiquated, racist in origin, and empirically self-defeating.

FDA to be culled due to Sch1 marijuana?

For immediate release: Presidential candidate Clinton to fire FDA head "first day on the job".

Ms Clinton has suggested that the days of big pharma/big alcohol and private prison profiteers controlling the half-century long war on marijuana (and perhaps other medicinal plants like kratom) are finally over.

Might Marijuana help with Alzheimer’s

As if we needed another reason to legalize marijuana:

Cannabinoids May Reduce Alzheimer’s Proteins From Brain Cells
Summary: A new study finds THC reduces amyloid beta proteins in human neurons.

"Source: Salk Institute.

Preliminary lab studies at the Salk Institute find THC reduces beta amyloid proteins in human neurons.