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Biden Promises $2 Trillion in Climate Action

Today, presidential candidate Joe Biden promised to spend $2 Trillion over 4 years to combat climate change, create middle- and working-class jobs, and even start to correct racial disparities.

On the one hand, I know mainstream Democrats promise the world and never follow through. I'd expect nothing less from Joe or Kamala (whoever ends up being the driving force behind the throne).

My response to those who say "3rd party can't win, Biden is the lesser evil"; stops trolls DEAD (crosspost from r/WayOfTheBern)

Hello dear friends, old and new! First off, I want to say that I know I have been away too long; I have massive time-management issues, that is pretty much the only thing that has been keeping me away from these lovely parts. I recently wrote a post that is currently pinned at the top of r/WayOfTheBern and "stolen" (lol) by the mods to pin at the top of r/Kossacks_For_Sanders ... a very humbling experience. An old friend suggested that I post it here too, which I am more than happy to do. I hope you find it insightful.

Joe Biden in Fantasy and Reality

Let's start with the WSWS:

Bernie Sanders threatens delegates with removal if they criticize Biden

Senator Bernie Sanders’ political team has asked some of his delegates to sign an agreement preventing them from criticizing Democratic Party leaders on social media, including the presumptive presidential candidate Joe Biden, or talking to reporters without approval.


I usually try to resist writing essays of the I'm so shocked that people think this way. Its pointless since much of America freely admits to having parted ways with all conventional morality and logic. But I just happened upon a screed Biden published to supposedly turn out the youth vote that breaks even with unconventional morality and logic.

Here's the money quote up front for ease of reading: