Green Party

Where you can vote Green without being voter shamed

We all know that any independent progressive that dares to vote for a third-party progressive that shares their values is secretly voting for a conservative Republican, and thus deserves to be shamed.
We also know that registered Democrats that vote for a conservative Republican are guilty of nothing at all and should be pandered to.

Did Jill Stein (voters) throw the election to Trump?

For the Mathematically and/or Integrity Challenged:

Jill Stein (and her voters) are being blamed for causing Hillary Clinton to lose to Trump. Lets see if that is even possible. I used data from the Politico website...there are probably variations in the "official" vote total at this point, and if you manage to find one that is enough different from this one to make a difference, then I would like to see it. For now, I have gone through every state via the Politico website, and these are the results I found.

New Doc ' Still Berning ' Fills In Some Blanks for #NotMeUs ?

I voted for Jill Stein when she ran against Obama, gave money to Bernie when he ran in the primary, voted for Stein and other Greens by mail awhile back.

Like others here still not happy with the way things turned out with the Sanders campaign and especially not happy with how the DNC did what they did.

Found a new Dutch documentary via Twitter today that was interesting.