Deep State, FBI, and FISA Developments

Back in November, I posted two essays on the Deep State. In the first essay, I attempted to try to both define and call attention the term Deep State (and its companion term, Shadow Government) and what it means to we the people. In my second essay, I referenced posts by "Q" anon on 4chan which related to the Deep State.

Bullshit masquerading as reportage ( rhymes with garbage): Tales of Peter Strzok

Due to the extensive political education I am receiving at c99 University, I have been schooled in reading political opinion disguised as factual reporting. The current Fourth Estate is now, in the words of Newton Minow, a "vast waste land", one which is strewn with land mines to eliminate reflection by the unwary. For those who do not peruse AOL, let me serve you up a helping of just one article from today. It's not that this particular day is unlike another day. It isn't.

Russian Hackers? Nah. Three kids playing hardball in Minecraft

To the average person, the Internet is just magic. They have no clue how it works or how you can mess with it. That ignorance makes it easier for TPTB to create boogeymen, like "Russian Hackers". But, techies, sometimes, are more interested in the facts instead of politics. Hence, this interesting story about the Mirai botnet in Wired Magazine (which I have called "Hacker of Fortune" since the day it was founded).

James Comey fired! Watch out Hillary!

Today at about 5PM EDT, Trump fired Comey. This has already ignited a media firestorm with Democrats stating Trump did it to shut down the Russian collusion story. The Republicans meanwhile are citing Comey's marked failure in handling the Clinton email case and most recently for possible obstruction, by slow-walking the Susan Rice unmasking case.

Five Things I Drew From Today's NSA/FBI Testimony

1] The FBI are investigating possible Russian interference whether there is/is not.
2] Hair Trump is full of bullshit.
3] Many people are making stuff up [Dead wrong/pants on fire] as they go along.
4] Voting machines were not tampered with anywhere [with respect to this investigation].
5] Government doesn't like leaks/leakers especially when it is soooo transparent already.