This Socialist is Now a Part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

I think of myself as a socialist, and would be called such by most people, but this is the most sane video I've seen today, and it was posted by a user called "The Right Wing Conspiracy". I really didn't want to post this video I found linked from reddit, I feel embarrassed, but I wanted to share this with y'all. It's actually a decent vid, but I feel like apologizing for posting it.

SUE Comey & IMPEACH Hillary: Full Investigation Of Clinton Foundation Corruption & Email Server

Obama's legacy: unbridled power

At one point, not long ago--yesterday in fact, I thought Obama's legacy had deteriorated to such a low degree after endorsing the Mad Bomber and pushing to destroy national sovereignty (TPP), that his legacy would be simply "he was the first black president". But deeper thinkers have better understood the evil perpetuated by Obama and his co-dependents (both major political parties).

Counterpunch's Sanders statement which is difficult to rebut. An invitation to do so

Bernie Sanders has been preoccupied with convincing his followers that the Democratic Party platform is relevant, by performing his new role in the Kabuki theatre of the corporate Democrats. He is too busy acting out a supposedly important public debate over the irrelevant platform to get involved in this real and personal “servergate” example of impunity for plutocrats.

From Athens to Burlington: The Line Not Crossed

I started writing this as we awaited the joint Bernie-Shillary 'rally' in NH on 7/12….torn between posting it this very evening before, or waiting until just after the ...Event.

Odd to begin a piece with a Digression, but in this circumstance it seemed warranted. So, I wish to remind us of something which happened (ironically) almost exactly one year ago: the rise of the Greek Socialist Syriza Party, and their challenge to the EU.

If The Media Was Actually Still The Fourth Estate

We would see someone do a news special special, maybe 60 minutes that would be a round table of 3-4 eminent non partisan legal scholars to discuss the Clinton emails and the FBI's reasoning to not refer charges. I think America would like to see a discussion curly on the legal facts and no political spin.

Of course you will never see this from the corporate media because that panel would likely conclude that she should be charged but further that there is a major cover up going on.

Comey scheduled to go before congress today to explain his decision and that may be a tough one...

According to the NY Times

This could end up being particularly troubling for him considering his statement that, "No reasonable prosecutor" would bring such a case to trial.

Well, turns out Comey may have "misspoken."

So Now We Can Guess What That Lynch/Clinton Meeting Was About

Hey Loretta I just wanted to stop for a minute to talk to you about how we can protect you so you don't get all caught up in this email nonsense.

Our people have told us that the FBI is ready with their report, they just need to interview Hillary and the party needs to finalize this process ASAP (unknown to Loretta Bill heard from his sources the day before and knows they are going to rap her on the knuckles a bit but will not be recommending prosecution).

H.A. Goodman just released an interesting video this morning on the Email scandal

Interesting that the one thing she did ask about, the blackberry, she was told not to use.

Not a ton of new information, but when laid out clearly there is an obvious attempt to evade having to comply with FOIA requests at the minimum.

The reality is probably even much more insidious.

I guess the rules don't matter if you are Clinton.

Some idle speculation on Assange's timing on releasing the Email data...

So I was dusting the house and as is the norm when doing mindless tasks I was also engaging in idle speculation.

One of the things I was thinking about was all the questions I see repeatedly asking, "Why the hell won't Assange release the damn info already!".

And a possible answer hit me.

Could he be waiting for the last interviewee to have a chance to perjure themselves, Abedin in particular?

Are there any other interviews still to be conducted?

The FBI's "Violent Extremist Students Program"

I totally missed this March article at Alternet. The VES Program just hit L.A.

There's a community meeting on this program taking place at LACAN (Los Angeles Community Action Network) so I may have a local update later.

Just what we need. Further militarization of high school campuses.

Under new guidelines, Muslim students will be disproportionately targeted – but all young people will be suspect.