Question: Dying - Alone or With Your Loved Ones Holding You?

When looking back at my life and looking at myself right now, I try to figure out what hurts me more and will stuck with me probably for the rest of my life:

A. if I couldn't be at the side of my son, if he were in danger to die due to the virus infection or vice versa for him, if he could not be with me, if I were going to die or

B. keeping distance as requested by the authorities.

Here why I think about that:

Disability Caucus 7/9/16: Family Stuff and the Stress of Work/No Work

At this point in time I've basically decided that even though I'm still looking for work, worrying about whether or not I have a job just isn't worth the stress. That, and truth be told, I'm tired of being pissed off all the time. So I'll just be happy with my marriage instead because the wife doesn't seem to care whether or not I'm working.

Resilience: The Two-Income Trap - Reflections On Time And Money

Thinking clearly about money is one of the biggest challenges to personal and family resilience. Resilient families get the trade-off between time and money right. Lovie and I have made our mistakes along the way, but 25 years later, we know we had made the appropriate trade-off, right at the start of our relationship, between money and time. I would like to lay out our thinking in conjunction with then law professor, now U.S. senator, Elizabeth Warren.

Personal Resilience: Family Dinner - The Key To A Countercultural Life

The mind control is everywhere. The only way to become more free is by leading an intentional counter-culture lifestyle, practicing daily conscientization in one's own being and using every single opportunity to conscientize one's children.

The single best place to conscientize one's immediate family, especially the children, is the Family Dinner Table. More below.