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The Deep State and Shadow Government

I began this essay over a week ago and am still struggling with it, partially because there is so little truly verifiable information available and partly because it raises the question of conspiracy. I am going to state up front that if you are not open to the idea that forces beyond our control and that of our elected officials dictate much of the agenda for our country, you may want to stop reading here.

LISTEN UP: Seth Rich, Seymour Hersh, Wikileaks, and the DNC

John Brennan, CIA Director. The man thinks he's going to get away with it.

Reddit lit-up last night with a flurry of news about the Seth Rich investigation.

At the same time, Twitter was yanking down the trending tags as fast as they could — but the story overwhelmed:

WikiLeaks on Twitter: Audio tape of Seymour Hersh discussing WikiLeaks DNC leaks and Seth Rich

Trump wasn't Turned by the Deep State, He's just a Fricking Liar

After the fifth online article I read today claiming how Donald Trump has been "turned (by the deep state), persuaded (by the deep state), has had a change of heart", etc., I decided to go on a rant. Confucius say, "rants are good for the soul".

Is a Trumpian foreign policy beginning to emerge?

Even the most ardent Trump-haters have to admit that DJT has his work cut out for him, in part thanks to the die-hard Trump-haters. One of his campaign promises was to wipe-out ISIS. Many campaign promises were made but two of the most important were to end ISIS and start no more new wars--perhaps ending old one's inspired by Obama-Klinton-Soros.

Dirty Rice and Dominos; the toppling of Obama and the Democratic establishment has started

Now into to Day 4 of the Susan Rice unmasking story link we are learning more and more about what certain people and organizations stand for. A huge, and I am not exaggerating, dust cloud is gathering, just as the first shock wave from a nuclear explosion is nearing.

Patterns: The Deep State

There are few opportunities for the general public to see The Deep State (TDS), people they influence and tentacles that reach into industry, non-profits and federal agencies. Bernie, Trump, 9/11 and now are a few of the times we have been able to view TDS in real time. The power struggle between CIA, FBI, Department of State and Pentagon has erupted into a non compliant public. I don’t think Congress is a major player anymore.

Toddlers killed more Americans than Islamicists did in 2015

The leaders in the cities made the fairest professions:
on the one side with the cry of political equality of the people,
on the other of a moderate aristocracy;
but they sought prizes for themselves
in those public interests which they pretended to cherish.

The elites have been running a successful "war on terror" scam on American citizens and tax payers. It's horror could be usefully contrasted with gun deaths in America. It's outcome could be determined decisively in the 2016 elections. First, take a look at a simple, narrow comparative illustration, before viewing the full comparison of the respective horrors of gun deaths and "terrorist" deaths and their costs to society.

During the 12 months of 2015, 1 January to 31 December, 16 people died and 22 were injured in two Islamicist attacks in the U.S.A.1
During the first nine and a half months of 2015, 1 January to 14 October, toddlers with guns killed 15 and injured 28 people in the U.S.A. 2