Fellow COVIDiots, lend me your ears...

I've found the entire pandemic to endemic SARS-CoV-2 saga intriguing. I've written several pieces here at c99 on my views. Tonight I caught a Jimmy Dore and Robert Malone conversation I thought all of you who are following the disease progression through our society might also find interesting.

I've cued the last few 20 minutes here but the entire 1.25 hour conversation is very thought provoking EXPLOSIVE Truth About Vaccines & COVID w/Inventor Of mRNA Vaccine Technology, Robert Malone

The #1 risk factor for dying of COVID: Poverty

Everyone has got it wrong!
Forget race, forget age, forget even vaccine status. Just forget all of the culture war BS that the media has been feeding you for 18 months.
If you really want to know the leading cause of death by COVID, just look in your wallet. If it's empty, then you are 'high-risk'. Simple as that. No, I'm not exaggerating.

SWEEEDEN Redux, again.

We see and hear selected news bits about and/or from Sweden at non-periodic intervals as fits various narratives. Thanks to Boing-Boing I found this article today. I'm pretty much just providing the information without comment, in part because I wont be here after 10:00 and don't want to post this before that because weekly watch is up and, as always, deserves attention and primacy. At any rate:

Something to Think About

I went down the rabbit hole and got lost.
Then I found this:

he Road to Totalitarianism

People can tell themselves that they didn’t see where things have been heading for the last 17 months, but they did. They saw all the signs along the way. The signs were all written in big, bold letters, some of them in scary-looking Germanic script. They read …


The Weekly Watch

Time to Change!

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Yes, it is time for change in many ways and on many levels. Next week we will have changed time and leaped forward an hour...except not all.

Most of Arizona hasn’t observed Daylight Saving Time since 1968. Hawaii abandoned the Uniform Time Act a year before Arizona, in 1967, simply because of its relative proximity to the equator, which makes Daylight Saving Time unnecessary. The sun rises and sets around the same time each day in Hawaii, making the idea of springing forward and falling back redundant. A handful of U.S. territories also don’t observe Daylight Saving Time for essentially the same reasons as Hawaii — ample sunshine throughout the day. These places include Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The real change we need isn't adjusting our clocks, but redesigning our entire system...the capitalist, consumer based, polluting, militaristic, manipulative and controlling system. They won't change, so we have to adapt to some sort of new normal and take care of ourselves and others.