The Dose - 11-27-2021


Looks like we are back back in the circle of disease control.

  1. Prevent initial infection in community or individual.
  2. After infection minimize ability to spread to rest of community or body.
  3. As infection spreads minimize symptoms of community or body.
  4. Minimize complications due to community or body responses to treatments and preventive measures.
  5. Treat or adjust to longterm complications of Covid infection or treatments to community or body.
  6. Repeat cycle.

A few articles of interest.

The Dose - 11-20-21


The belief a visit with physician should result in a prescription or recommendation of a medication is strong in America. It subtly shapes the thought process about approaching medical challenges with chemicals from the lab or natural sources vs changes in habits and enviornment. The practice of medicine vs the practice of health. Add decades of advertising "Ask your doctor" and "Check with your doctor"; plus a requirement of a doctor's note to miss a day of school or work without consequences a power source of authority is created. It is not a grand conspiracy to create a sole authoritative source, but does create a convenient opportunity to project ultimate authority for obedience.

The beginning two paragraphs of the fictional book Washington Square introduces one of the main characters as a physician. First published 140 years ago our assumptions of a physician are not very different today.

During a portion of the first half of the present century, and more particularly during the latter part of it, there flourished and practised in the city of New York a physician who enjoyed perhaps an exceptional share of the consideration which, in the United States, has always been bestowed upon distinguished members of the medical profession. This profession in America has constantly been held in honor, and more successfully than elsewhere has put forward a claim to the epithet of "liberal." In a country in which, to play a social part, you must either earn your income or make believe that you earn it, the healing art has appeared in a high degree to combine two recognized sources of credit. It belongs to the realm of the practical, which in the United States is a great recommendation ; and it is touched by the light of science — a merit appreciated in a community in which the love of knowledge has not always been accompanied by leisure and opportunity.

It was an element in Doctor Sloper's reputation that his learning and his skill were very evenly balanced; he was what you might call a scholarly doctor, and yet there was nothing abstract in his remedies — he always ordered you to take something. Though he was felt to be extremely thorough, he was not uncomfortably theoretic ; and if he sometimes explained matters rather more minutely than might seem of use to the patient, he never went so far (like some practitioners one had heard of) as to trust to the explanation alone, but always left behind him an inscrutable prescription. There were some doctors that left the prescription without offering any explanation at all ; and he did not belong to that class either, which was after all the most vulgar. It will be seen that I am describing a clever man ; and this is really the reason why Doctor Sloper had become a local celebrity.

Washington Square by Henry James, 1880

A few articles of interest.

The Dose - 10-23-2021


A few articles of interest.

In the early 80's I read a fictional short story on computer automation of public records and have always been suspicious of computer records. A problem in a water bill reported through the automated customer support was misinterpreted. Through a series of interpretive errors over a year the customer was finally convicted of first degree murder and ordered to be executed, appeal denied.

This report on digital vaccine passport technology reported by wokkamile and Azazello this week leave me with the same sense of uneasiness.