The Dose - 2-12-2022


Fast 5 months since the first diary of The Dose was published by JtC. The request was made to the weekly Open Threaders to post one for COVID discussions in addition to our regular regular diary.

For the most part I had been able to ignore the COVID issues, others covered the subject adequately. My personal plan was developed in April 2020 with the intent to follow for about 2 years then reevaluate based on contemporary pandemic info. Per info supplied by C99 participants added povoiodine gargle and nasal spray after being in high risk locations and have built a robust portable air filter system to move into a building or room when visitors can not stay outside. The N95 mask used on town trips since February 2020 has been reclassified by the CDC as a respirator. Fits the current theme masks do not provide adequate protection, so why bother.