couple cooking

Couple Cooking: quick dessert

What can be quicker and easier that putting a scoop of ice cream atop an ice cream cup, then topping it with a syrup, and whipped cream? Anything?
Just get a couple involved!
4 ice cream flavors on hand to choose from, 4 syrups to choose from, and whipped cream or just no whipped cream, but it is there if one chooses.

Couple Cooking: There are no words.

This is not an essay about how to successfully prepare hamburgers, but more about avoiding the pitfalls of poor planning when two people are cooking what appears to be a simple meal.
As an example, A put the package of ground chuck out to thaw. A prepared the patties by shaping and seasoning them, then, A cooked them.
I have previously mentioned that B is THE WORLD'S GREATEST TOMATO SLICER.
Bravo to B!

Couple Cooking: the Scared Bunny

A has referenced that B sits on the front porch, blames A for burning shit, and at one point, frightened said Bunny away while criticizing A's cooking propensities in a rather loud voice and with hand gestures. (It could have been either A or B laughing, but let's stick with the theme of this essay.)
A was sad about the bunny running away, but held A's own in re burning shit, argued just as though A might be some damn trial lawyer making a final argument to a jury or something.

Couple Cooking: A's Defense for Burning Shit

B wanted a meal for B's self, A decided to put together a small pizza, more or less from scratch, for A's self. A topped a prepared crust, all toppings fresh. Lots of cheese. LOTS.
After B ate, both A and B sat on the porch. A set the timer in the kitchen for 5 minutes. We left the front door open right next to B's ear, and B was supposed to alert A to go get the pizza.

Couple Cooking: the areas of arguments and dissention in re:grilling steaks

When to start cooking? Who times it the steaks over the charcoals? Set a timer, or go by sight or some goofy "feel" B believes is high culinary art? (B doesn't have the best eyesight out there, and goes by look. (Often a cooking tragedy.) Then, who frightened the rabbit that was 10 feet away, A or B?
Himalayan salt or sea salt?