Cogent analysis of Biden's "poor kids can do as well as white kids" gaffe

So it's late (or early depending upon viewpoint) and the sweet, warm banks of my swamp beckon me. But, still being a bit wound up about J. Epstein's recent, and alleged, demise despite assistance from Crown Royal (and I don't mean Prince Andrew), I needed relaxation. The perfect solution.

I need your help

I cannot decide:

Maybe just Joe!

Good ole Joe

Lunchbucket Joe

Uncle Joe

Creepy Joe

Sleepy Joe

Gaffer Joe

Obama likes me (but won't endorse me) Joe

So one son divorced his wife and married and divorced the wife of my other son who died of brain cancer. Hunter miraculously won $millions from Ukraine and China while I was VP. Better than Billy Beer? Move on Joe

Botox (God bless you John Kerry) is my friend Joe

I amend and revise my previous post and seek unanimous consent

NYT, not to be outdone by WAPO, now says Uncle Joe's behavior is merely "Tactile Politics"

Please disregard the previous instructions regarding "affectionate, physical style", replace with "tactile politics"

You have been notified.

Biden’s Tactile Politics Threaten His Return in the #MeToo Era


WAPO has characterized Biden's behavior as an

affectionate, physical style with women

Be cognizant that you now have to start referring to allegations by #MeToo and sexual predation by politicians, et al as just an "affectionate, physical style".

As in, 'Bill Clinton had an "affectionate, physical style" with interns and cigars', etc.

Behind a pay wall but here's the link

Democrats fulfill Einstein's definition of Insanity

They will never learn, apparently. This is the outfit that thought Hillary was a great candidate. This is the outfit that thinks their elite are only elite-sounding. This is the outfit that thinks Russia excuses them from all their unforced blunders. This is the outfit whose House Leader Pusillanimous Pelosi says the democratic party doesn't need to change--it just needs a better messaging system (as if the MSM and Fake News weren't enough).