A surprisingly enlightened foreign policy decision by Biden

Considering Biden's foreign policy record I expect very very little from him. Which makes today's news a very pleasant surprise.

The U.S. military will no longer assist the bloody Saudi-led coalition attacking Houthi rebel forces in Yemen, President Joe Biden will announce today, according to Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan.

Abiding Biden, Bye and Bye

Greetings fellow swampers and those preferring to remain dry.

Awhile back, our Revered Overlord, JtC, graciously rescinded my stay in Purgatory. A thousand thanks, kind sir. It was lonely in the wilderness. To paraphrase the estimable H. Melville (or somebody like that) people, people everywhere but not a sane one to be found.

My attitudes remain and shall always remain alligatorish, for that is my nature.

My pre- and post-election predictions


It's important to keep in mind that the oligarchs are going to win in a landslide regardless of the voting.
Either way, we are going to get a pro-Wall Street, anti-working class, Republican president. Which is why this is the least important election of your lifetime.

So at the risk of being waaayyyy wrong, I'm going to make some predictions.

Poll Diving – part 8

How to explain why Trump hasn't collapsed even with one of the worst Democratic nominees as an opponent. 9,488,789 coronavirus infections and 236,571 deaths and counting, plus the huge economic hits would have easily taken down any other President. Then there's the seemingly erratic pattern to the election polls. Let's first check out the latter using broad categorizations for regions for comparative purposes.