My pre- and post-election predictions


It's important to keep in mind that the oligarchs are going to win in a landslide regardless of the voting.
Either way, we are going to get a pro-Wall Street, anti-working class, Republican president. Which is why this is the least important election of your lifetime.

So at the risk of being waaayyyy wrong, I'm going to make some predictions.

Poll Diving – part 8

How to explain why Trump hasn't collapsed even with one of the worst Democratic nominees as an opponent. 9,488,789 coronavirus infections and 236,571 deaths and counting, plus the huge economic hits would have easily taken down any other President. Then there's the seemingly erratic pattern to the election polls. Let's first check out the latter using broad categorizations for regions for comparative purposes.

Glenn Greenwald gets to Brass Tacks: Biden, Ukraine, War, Loan Guarantees

Glenn Greenwald's article censored by The Intercept is the best and most comprehensive work on the Biden controversy. I hope everyone here can take the time to read it because we will need this insight to cope with whatever happens next week and going forward.

The most important part of it, I think, is Greenwald's focus on Biden's dealing in a $1 billion loan guarantee to Ukraine. I have emphasized his strongest point with bold type, below.

Poll Diving – part 7

Disclosure. A few weeks ago, an election scenario intrigued me and then I noticed that I wasn't alone in this consideration. And if it came to pass would there be any way for the left to punch above its weight. However, I first wanted to assess the possibility of such an outcome. My first pass on all the key states suggested that it was possible, but within a few days the polls suggested implausible and a few days later not worth considering.

Biden is accused of plagiarizing his DNC speech

Well they say 3rd time is the charm.

Democrats seem determined to lose to Trump again

This is starting to feel a whole bunch like 2016.
Back then Trump managed to steal the white working-class votes in the Rust Belt states because he talked about bad trade deals and how they cost us whole industries, while the Democrats wouldn't even consider the topic. The Democrats didn't care about the white working class in the Rust Belt states. They took them for granted for 40 years.

Another day, another Biden joke--you're laughing, America, aren't you?

Changing with the times. Yes. To prove one has neither ossified nor decomposed, one must exhibit some change as the process goes on. Like having hair turn white, or fall-out (or half-way fall out). There was a time when I liked Rock And Roll. I still do. there was a time when Richard J. Daley (King No Neck the First, of Chicago) was equivalent to Democratic Machine. And it was.