Bidenescence & Trumpeeness; Worst Two Presidents, part 2

` O.K... WAY back at the end of May, I tried making a post about our recent lack of real Presidents, in this country. I've been quite STUPID levels of BUSY, but finally went back and looked at the replies I got. I probably should have just let it lay there, and bleed out, but I'm so full of opinions about our last two Presidents, and I TRIED to make it light-hearted and brief, and walk away, but I'm lousy at doing that with stuff I care about...

Betsy DeVos and the inner circle of the ruling elites

Billionaire Betsy DeVos, the former Secretary of Education, who had never been inside of a public school in her life, who is also the sister of Blackwater-founder and war criminal Erik Prince, has a charmed existence.
It seems that once you get high enough into the upper strata of the ruling elites, then nearly anything can be overlooked or forgiven altogether.

Has the Blobstream Media responded to this part of Biden's speech?

I'm an apologist for Biden because sometimes he blurts out the truth to the American people. I know he's part of the problem, and I respect all of you at C99% who take issue with him. He's not Paul Wellstone, he's not Dennis Kucinich, he's not Tulsi Gabbard, and he sure as hell is not Barbara Lee. But he said this, and I'm wondering if any of you who have the courage to watch the mainstream media have seen any commentary in response to it.

Biden's Afghanistan Speech

I read the text of Biden's speech today, not having the courage to watch it yesterday, perhaps because I was afraid of him being too weak, perhaps because I was afraid his critics would be too awful.

But I hope we all have a chance to read it at least once. I think it's a very good speech. Here's just one interesting part:

Full text of Joe Biden’s speech on withdrawal from Afghanistan