Another day, another Biden joke--you're laughing, America, aren't you?

Changing with the times. Yes. To prove one has neither ossified nor decomposed, one must exhibit some change as the process goes on. Like having hair turn white, or fall-out (or half-way fall out). There was a time when I liked Rock And Roll. I still do. there was a time when Richard J. Daley (King No Neck the First, of Chicago) was equivalent to Democratic Machine. And it was.

JoJo verbally disemboweled when a Veteran he sent to War began cutting.

Lovers of Schadenfreud (and who these days isn't), you will love the scene when JoJo gets confronted face to face with a pissed off Iraq war vet. Following this delicious tongue bashing, Kyle adds his finer touches to the story.

Chancellor Valorum Cannot Save the Republic (Biden is at Best a Band-Aid)

War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks from the relentless Sith Lord Donald Trump. There are very fine people on both sides. Evil is everywhere.

It must have been sad in the last days of the Republic. War had been raging for years. A war to save the Republic. And yet that very war had let the new Chancellor gain more and more power until the Republic was destroyed anyway.

Impeachment trial turns its ugly head, ready to eat its mate, praying mantis style

The title of this essay was gonna be SOS / DD (Same Old Shit; Different Day). And it's true. Like a soap opera in which it takes an actor one week to get inside the house, sit down for dinner, and spill gossip, not much has been going on in the Senate. So boring that one channel cut away from Impeachment Hearings (a hearing which I temporarily solemnize with important looking capital letters) to broadcast the regularly scheduled soap opera.

Biden, Ukraine, Fracking, Shale: the Initiative to support start-ups like Exxon with US Taxpayer dollars

In chronological order, here are some articles about Biden and the business of fracking in Ukraine. Burisma, the company his son was involved with, is very much a part of this struggle for taxpayer funding of capitalist theft of natural resources.

First, from the Burisma Holdings wiki: