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Why I'm Voting For Jill Stein

An essay was published here a few days ago titled "Why I am Voting For Hillary." While I respect the author for posting it here--"behind enemy lines," so to speak--I still felt that his reasoning was just the latest update of the same reasoning we hear every four years, which goes: You have to vote for the Democratic nominee because the Republicans are awful.

I concur: they are awful. And they'll likely always be awful. Yet some people are always trying to use this inescapable part of American political reality to justify all manner of backsliding by the other political party--you know, the one that claims to represent "the people."

So I would like to write a rebuttal here. Not of that article, but of that entire manner of thinking.

How to campaign against Hillary Clinton.


Bernie Sanders was too much of a gentlemen to do this, but he probably could have routed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primaries by a large enough margin to overcome all the blatant cheating and voter disenfranchisement --- had he added this kind of attack line into his daily campaigning each day:

How Bernie Sanders Betrayed Progressives a Second Time!

This is a continuing sad tale.

The great Progressive hero Bernie Sanders, who likely and rightfully won the Democratic Nomination -- if all the Election suppression, coin-flips, poll closings, E-Vote cheating, and other visible gimmicks had been properly prevented (as they should've been), now has backed his truck up again, and turned his tail on Progressives yet one more time.

The 21st Century Voter — How to Deploy the Coalition Defense Vote

While it's true that the powers of the wealthy class were flash frozen in the US Constitution, the slave-owning authors forgot to include "practical" election laws, cutting us some slack here on the 21st century plantation. It was a good thing. We live twice as long as they did and their ideas of political process scale poorly and are too easy to exploit. Their processes were timed for communications that could travel faster than the speed of a horse. It was this kind of limited thinking that begat the many laws and systems that limit social progress and human rights in the US.

But in our advanced world, there are workarounds that can unlock the chains that distort our social development and make our civilization so cruel. The Internet, for example, will allow for the rapid deployment of a Voting Coalition, one with the potential to weaken and topple the corrupted Democratic Party in November. Sanders-the-Outsider demonstrated to Americans that an Internet coalition can expand rapidly and he proved that it can organize and sustain itself effectively.

an example of what a non-Clinton dem would be up against in the primaries.

Remember: the media keeps telling us that Trump is polling at 2% with African-American voters. 2%! His Hispanic numbers aren't nearly as bad, but from what I've seen, Hillary has a significant lead. Just found: Hillary has a 50 point lead with people of color.

Yet, we find this headline in the Washington Post: Pro-Clinton Super Pac to invest in ground operations to mobilize people of color.

The article starts out OK, setting aside our opposition to Super Pacs: