2016 election

If You Have Been Playing "THE RUSSIA HOAX" at Home, along with Our Studio Audience, You'll Want to Grab this Clue!

Over the past few months, the table has slowly turned. Now the clues are taking us back to the corrupt nest where this plot to destroy the 2016 election and sabotage American democracy began. Who will be the Insider who turns on all the rest of the vipers in the Greatest Crime Against American People in US History?

Just how dirty was that Dossier?

Reality Winner, The Intercept, and Comey Testimony

On June 8, 2017, James Comey testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee the following.


A transcript of former FBI Director James Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8.

Why is moving the Overton Window not mentioned in 2016 election autopsies?

So, there is another major essay trying to understand and explain Trump's victory. In case you haven't seen mention of it yet, I am referring to The Nationalist's Delusion, by The Atlantic's senior political editor, Adam Serwer. It is an excellent, though lengthy read, which reaches the usual conclusion: white Americans are bigoted.

Sick Day Open Thread

Hey, guys. I'm sick, and somewhat pudding-brained. The essay I planned to write deserves better thought than I can give it at this moment.

I made a comment yesterday that Gulfgal, Ellen, and Snapple BC thought was worth turning into an essay. I'm going to set it here for discussion. Hopefully, a more ordinary Open Thread will be on its way to you next Wednesday!

Democrat Elites Display Their Ugly Arrogance

A couple of good rants here from the Jimmy Dore show that illustrates the surreal arrogance of the top "Democrat" Elites, and their determination to hide and cover up the fact that it is their own (willfully corrupt) Policies, craven dishonesty, and non-performance that have driven away the American Public (voters) by the droves.....to the point where the entire D-Party is now just a collapsed, aimless wasteland.

Why did the Dems lose? It's even worse than you might think

The Democrats' internal research has been quietly churning out autopsy reports regarding the 2016 election debacle, and the results are disastrous.
Unlike the GOS, they don't blame the loss on racist Bernie supporters, nor Putin! Putin! Putin!

Vox as neoliberal propaganda for "intellectual" narcissists

Even though, as I pointed out in my previous diary, the "Left" is at best a point of pride on a few Facebook profiles, the Right feels obliged to restrain any sort of deviance because, you see, austerity planning has its beneficiaries. So they run articles in places like Vox warning us that phenomena like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are not the solution to our problems.