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2016: Number 1

 photo Loera_zpsmyqfplfn.jpgMonica Loera was shot and killed on her front doorstep on January 22.

Although police have made an arrest in the case and a suspect has been charged, there’s been no public acknowledgement of her death or the community that has been further traumatized in its wake. And that’s wrong.

Reading the arrest affidavit or local news reports about the death, you’d have no idea that the victim was a transgender woman. The wild curls and wide grins from her Facebook page – and above all else, her chosen name – have been omitted to a staggering degree. Instead Loera has been described using her birth name and masculine pronouns.

--Nina Hernandez, Austin Chronicle

Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones Speaks: "Thank God I have lived to be a grandmother in agitation."

Thank God I have lived to be a grandmother in agitation!
I hope I will live to be
a great-grand mother in agitation!
-Mother Jones

Monday January 31, 1916
Indianapolis, Indiana - Mother Jones Addresses Convention of United Mine Workers, Part I

Yesterday Hellraisers reported on the speech delivered by Mother Jones during Saturday's afternoon session of the United Mine Workers Convention, now in session in Indianapolis. Today we are pleased to present part one of her speech; we will offer part two in tomorrow's edition of Hellraisers.

Mother Jones Speaks to United Mine Workers Convention, Part I
January 29, 1916, in Indianapolis, Indiana
Mother Jones UMWJ, Jan 21, 1915.png

ELEVENTH DAY-AFTERNOON SESSION The convention was called to order at 1:30 p.m., Saturday, January 29th, Secretary Green in the chair......

Secretary Green—.....President White will not be here for a little while and, with your permission, we will pause for just a few minutes in our regular order to hear from Mother Jones. She is planning to leave soon and wants to say something to the boys before she leaves.

Mother Jones—Boys, I have looked over this convention from the platform, and I want to give expression to the feeling that in this gathering are men of the most highly developed brains this country can produce. You have come from the picks, but you are developing, and I want to say to you to keep on.

Now I want to call your attention to a few things. Away back in the old Roman age, two hundred years after the world’s greatest agitator was murdered by the ruling class, there arose in Carthage a tremendous agitation among the oppressed, the exploited, those who had borne the burden for ages. The Romans began to be disturbed and thought they would go down to Carthage and capture those who were responsible for the agitation. They went down. All they captured in those days they retained as slaves or sold into slavery. Among the group that was captured was one youth. The Roman judge asked, “Who are you?” The youth said, “I am a member of the human family.” “Why do you agitate?” asked the judge. “Because I belong to that class that has been crushed, robbed, murdered and maligned in all the ages, and I want to break the chains of my class.”

HHS panel finds insurance must cover sex reassignment

 photo lauderdale_zpsg0nb3z7d.jpg

Charlene Lauderdale was denied coverage for the procedures by her private insurance firm, which is funded through Medicare. But for the first time this month, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services panel found that the insurance provider must cover the procedures.

The council finds that the vaginoplasty surgery requested in this case is covered and is the responsibility of the plan.

--Medicare Appeals Council

Hellraisers Journal: A Poetical Tribute to Mother Jones as "The Peacemaker" at Miners' Convention

There is only one Mother Jones.
-Frank Hayes, Vice President,
United Mine Workers of America

Sunday January 30, 1916
Indianapolis, Indiana - U. M. W. of A. Convention Pauses for a Poetical Tribute


Before adjourning for the day on Saturday January 22nd, delegates at the Miners' Convention were entertained with a bit of poetry:

Delegate McAlester, District 12–Delegate Loftus has written a poem upon the occurrence here the other day and we would like to have him read it.
Delegate Loftus—Delegate McDonald's name and Delegate Germer's will appear. I would like to know if they have any objections to having it read. No objection being offered, Delegate Loftus read the following:


It was just a little resolution,
Didn’t amount to very much
Brought on a very wordy war
'Mongst the Irish, Scotch and Dutch.

They used many personalities,
Which I always deemed a curse;
Had Mother not just happened in
It might have been much worse.

We have thirteen hundred delegates
Who represent labor's cause,
And many joined in the chorus
By giving great applause.

When the battle raged the fiercest—
Words shot back and forth like stones—
In stepped a goodly lady,
Our splendid Mother Jones.

Hellraisers Journal: John Mitchell Again Elected President of the United Mine Workers of America

The strikebreaker is the hero of American industry.
-Dr. Charles W. Eliot,
Member of the National Civic Federation

Monday January 29, 1906
From The Labor World: John Mitchell Again Elected President of U. M. W.

UMW Convention of 1906, Ipls News, Jan 17.pngThe Scene in Tomlinson Hall, John Mitchell Presiding.

The Convention of the United Mine Workers, held recently in Indianapolis, Indiana, has once again elected John Mitchell as President. This was reported by The Labor World on page three which followed a report on page two concerning Mitchell's response to attacks upon his leadership and his involvement in the National Civic Federation.

South Dakota Legislators vote to go full transphobe

 photo SD_zpscuis9krs.jpgState Representative Fred Deutsch has sponsored two bills targeting transgender kids.

The first passed out of committee Monday and restricts transgender students from using bathrooms designated for people with the opposite physical sex. 

That bill, HB 1008, passed the South Dakota House yesterday by a vote of 58-10.

The bill does now contain language calling for schools to provide "reasonable accommodations" for transgender students...as long as they are segregated.

Deutsch claims the bill is intended to protect the privacy of all students.

Hellraisers Journal: John Mitchell Under Attack at UMW Convention, Defends National Civic Federation

The strikebreaker is the hero of American industry.
-Dr. Charles W. Eliot,
Member of the National Civic Federation

Sunday January 28, 1906
From The Labor World - John Mitchell Attacked at U. M. W. of A. Convention

From the latest edition of the Duluth Labor World:


Again Brands As False The Accusation
That He Sold Out the Miners.

John Mitchell.jpg

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 22.-There was a sensational scene in convention today which was an echo of the attack made on John Mitchell by Robert Randall, of Dietz, Wyo., in last year's convention. Randall charged Mitchell at that time with having sold out the miners in the Colorado strike and Mitchell made reply, branding the statement as a lie. Randall was expelled from the organization as a result.

Today a delegate named A. F. Germoi [Adolph Germer] of Mount Olive, Ill., made the charge that some of Randall's statements were correct. He presented a letter from Secretary Heywood [Haywood] of the Western Federation of Miners, in which Heywood denied the statement made in Mitchell's address of Saturday that Western Federation members were taking the places of the United Mine workers on strike.

Is the US Senate Too Stupid and Corrupt to Represent the American People?

The existence of human-caused climate change could not muster 60 votes amongst the idiot rich in the Millionaires Club. The resolution went down to defeat 50-49.

US Senate refuses to accept humanity's role in global climate change, again

It is nearly 27 years now since a Nasa scientist testified before the US Senate that the agency was 99% certain that rising global temperatures were caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

And the Senate still has not got it – based on the results of three symbolic climate change votes on Wednesday night.

The Senate voted virtually unanimously that climate change is occurring and not, as some Republicans have said, a hoax – but it defeated two measures attributing its causes to human activity.

Only one Senator, Roger Wicker, a Republican from Mississippi, voted against a resolution declaring climate change was real and not – as his fellow Republican, Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma once famous declared – a hoax. That measure passed 98 to one.

But the Senate voted down two measures that attributed climate change to human activity.