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Foundations pledge $20 million to improve trans lives

A consortium of philanthropic foundations has pledged to contribute $20 million to transgender charities across the US and the world over the next five years in order to

ensure that all transgender people live in a world where they are recognized, valued, and supported by their families and in society.

In their press release the foundations point out that

  • Globally, more than 1,700 transgender murders have been reported in the past seven years alone and many cases have involved extreme violence and torture
  • In the United States, transgender people are twice as likely as other Americans to earn $10,000 a year or less
  • In the United States, 20% of transgender people have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives.
  • Tribune reporter communicates with Student A

    The Chicago Tribune's Rex Huppke Has attempted to bring some sanity into the case of the Palatine transgender strudent.

    At the center of a suburban school board's dispute over allowing a transgender student access to the girls locker room there is, of course, a human being.

    A teenage human being. A female teenage human being who I believe would appreciate it if people would stop trying to tell her who she is and who she is not.

    That's the point, Rex.

    At bottom, they do not accept that we are human beings.

    A settlement was reached last week to allow this girl to use th girls locker room, but that didn't end the disagreement between the Department of Education and the school board, so the school board met again last night and reaffirmed the settlement.

    We believe this is the best course of action for this student while balancing the needs of all the teenage students in our district. The district will accommodate gender-identified locker room access for this student predicated on agreement to use the privacy measures provided.

    We are installing privacy curtains in our locker rooms, with the assurance that this student will use them.

    --school board President Mucia Burke

    WE NEVER FORGET: Fellow Worker & Rebel Songwriter Joe Hill, 100 Years Later

    Goodbye, Joe: You will live long in the hearts of the working class.
    Your songs will be sung wherever the workers toil,
    urging them to organize.
    -W. D. HAYWOOD


    Joe Hill, Self-Portrait at San Pedreo Sailors Mission.png
    Joe Hill, Self-Portrait at Sailors' Rest Mission in San Pedro, April 1911

    Joe Hill on the Writing of Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent:

    A pamphlet, no matter how good, is never read more than once, but a song is learned by heart and repeated over and over; I maintain that if a person can put a few cold, common sense facts into a song, and dress them up in a cloak of humor to take the dryness off of them, he will succeed in reaching a great number of workers who are too unintelligent or too indifferent to read a pamphlet or an editorial on economic science.

    This is the last of the WE NEVER FORGET series honoring the memory of our Fellow Worker and Rebel Songwriter, Joe Hill. Celebrations of the life and songs of Joe Hill have been going on across the nation. Joe Hill's songs are still being sung one hundred years after the State of Utah attempted to silence him forever. New recordings have been made by many talented singers, so that now, even most of FW Joe Hill's lesser known songs are featured in one or more youtube videos.

    Joe Hill Centennial Celebration: Joe Hill's Great-Great Niece, Lovisa Samuelsson
    She is playing on the guitar of Utah Phillips which contains some of Joe Hill's ashes.

    More from Centennial Celebration:

    Dean of St. John's College, Cambridge re: Trans in the Church

    The Dean of St. John's College, Cambridge is the Reverend Duncan Dormor. He has published a new paper, Transgenderism and the Christian Church in the book The Legal Status of Transsexual and Transgender Persons

    His paper is discussed by Madeleine Davies at the Church Times.

    While a “growing number of Liberal Protestant denominations” are changing their policies, the advocacy of transgender groups and the reassessment of medical evidence may also produce a shift in conservative circles.

    --Rev'd Dormor

    The Dean concludes that

    Over the past 20 years, there has been a very significant increase in the number of liberal and mainstream Protestant denominations which welcome transsexual and transgender Christians as congregational members and affirm their ministry as leaders and teachers.


    There is always an important but...

    Confusion and Conclusions in Jackson Heights

    Transgender activists marched Tuesday to protest the savage beating of Kathy Sal in Jackson Heights last Sunday and the actions of the police and media since that took place.

    NYPD identified the victim as a man in their report, even though they were aware that she was known by a female first name. Television station WCBS deadnamed the victim (deadname: verb transitive, "identify a transgender person by their former name instead of their perferred name"). The Daily News and Newsday both misgendered the victim.

    Daily News headline: EXCLUSIVE: Crossdressing Queens man brutally attacked, suspect repeatedly smashed his head into a curb

    Newsday headline: NYPD: Cross-dressing man attacked in Jackson Heights, Queens

    Outside Society

     photo religionvtransgender_zpsmyazjh4s.png

    As we approach a time of year which is holy for most religious for one reason or another, the Pew Research Center has taken a look at where transgender people stand in relation to them.

    As we can see from Pew's handy-dandy summary image, the Episcopal church, United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist Church and Reform Judaism have all issued specific edicts saying that transgender people should be included in the life of the church and that they can be ordained as ministers.

    A Settlement in Palatine

    The Illinois School District 211 school board in Palatine, Illinois voted in the wee hours of last evening to approve a settlement about a transgender girl's access to girl's locker room facilities, much to the apparent displeasure of many in the community.

    With hundreds gathered in the cafeteria at Hoffman Estates Conant High School last evening, the majority speaking against any settlement, but apparently favoring rather punishment of the child who dares to be different.

    Signs were carried by opponents to fairness which read:

    Settling is losing.

    God does not make mistakes. God made man and then God made woman.

    As always, I would respond to that, using their own vernacular, with, "And God made transgender people, but your God is too limited to have done anything like that."