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Hellraisers Journal: Walsh Report Vindicated by Rebuke from Philanthropists’ Organ, The Survey

Let the voice of the people be heard.
Albert Parsons

Sunday January 9, 1916
From The Labor World: Rebuke of Walsh Report by The Survey Taken as Vindication

Roosevelt NJ meeting with Mother Jones, Jan 1915.png
Mother Jones meets with women and children after Roosevelt Massacre

Apparently, the professional philanthropists do-gooders of The Survey are concerned that the employing class has not been given a fair shake by the Manly Report, prepared as a summary of the findings of the Commission on Industrial Relations. This report has been signed by all three of Labor's representatives on the Commission as well as by its Chairman, Frank P. Walsh, to his everlasting credit.

One might consider that impartiality is no longer called for after hours and hours of testimony from plain-spoken working men and women who described the daily despair of working long hours at starvation wages. Not to mention the horrific testimony which followed upon the Ludlow Massacre, the Roosevelt Massacre, and the shooting down of working people in strikes too numerous to mention here. Nevertheless, The Survey, through the pen of John A. Fitch, rebukes the Manly Report as sounding too much like "an extended editorial in the labor press."

Perhaps Mr. Fitch is concerned that the employing class with its company controlled governors who control the state militias, the county sheriffs who deputized the company gunthugs, and the major newspapers, owned and operated by the employers for the employers, have not adequately represented the interests of the class which rules America.

The concerns of the professional philanthropists are duly noted
in the January 8th edition of The Labor World:

Hammond, Bundy, the Wise Use Movement, and what this is really about

The current armed stand-off at Malheur National Forest in Oregon has been mostly put into the context of a right-wing militia against federal authorities.
However, this spin ignores the 30-year old fundamental ideological conflict that has gotten us to this point known as the astro-turfed Wise Use Movement.

Health Disparities in transgender veterans

Dr. George R. Brown and Dr. Kenneth T. Jones have recently had published a new study concerning the mental and medical health of transgender veterans: Mental Health and Medical Health Disparities in 5135 Transgender Veterans Receiving Healthcare in the Veterans Health Administration: A Case–Control Study.

There are no large controlled studies of health disparities in transgender (TG) or gender dysphoric patients. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the largest healthcare system in the United States and was an early adopter of electronic health records. We sought to determine whether medical and/or mental health disparities exist in VHA for clinically diagnosed TG veterans compared to matched veterans without a clinical diagnosis consistent with TG status.

Hellraisers Journal: Mine Owners Seek to Oust Governor Hunt of Arizona Who Stands with the Miners

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Saturday January 8, 1916
From The Day Book: "Bosses Seek to Oust Governor Who Backed Miners"

Arizona Governor WP Hunt, 1912-1917.png

Friday's Day Book reported that the Copper Bosses are out to have Governor Hunt of Arizona recalled. The governor has consistently refused to allow the mine operators to import gunmen and scabs in order to break the strike, now ongoing, against the Clifton-Morenci Co., owned by Phillips-Dodge & Co. The Copper Bosses refuse to meet with the miners, and, instead prefer to initiate a recall campaign against the Governor. The article states:

The companies refuse arbitration or any consideration of the men's demands.

From the Chicago Day Book of January 7, 1916:

Day Book, AZ Gov Hunt, Jan 7, 1916.png

Cruz: Transgender students an "infliction"

Ted Cruz put in his claim for the transphobic vote yesterday.

Not that he hasn't had some sterling competition from Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio.

Rubio seems to imply that employing LGBT people and serving LGBT customers were themselves sinful actions.

it is “most baffling” that anyone could thoughtfully defend the notion that it is normal — that it is perfectly legitimate — for a person just to declare oneself to be a different gender. It borders on laughable, and I know to say it’s laughable would bring great contempt because people would say you’re being insensitive. I’m not being insensitive. I’m exercising just a little bit of common sense.


Carson opposes allowing transgender people to serve in the military, "worrying that the military is being used as “a laboratory for social experimentation.”

“Deal with the transgender thing somewhere else.”

Last month, Carson similarly said that trans people don’t deserve “extra rights,” like equal access to safely use the bathroom.

Focusing on Cruz:

Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones Will Lead Miners to Bullpen or Coal Mine, with Arms or Armless

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Sunday January 7, 1906
From The Miners Magazine: Letter to William Johnson, Mine Superintendent

The following letter was published in the January 4th edition of The Miners Magazine, official organ of the Western Federation of Miners.

Mother Jones, Miners Angel .jpg

New York
December 15, 1905

William Johnson,
Supt. Vivian Coal and Mining Co.,
Jacksonville, Ind.
Dear Sir:

I have a letter from you under date of December 15th, asking for terms for furnishing men to coal mines. Allow me to say that the terms depend entirely upon how many men you want and what you want them for. We have a great number of able bodied men here who are more than willing to go anywhere and men who are not afraid of the police, militia, court injunctions, or government interference in any form. In fact each and every one of them can and will be vouched for by "Mother Jones" whose guarantee should satisfy any coal company in Indiana or elsewhere. If you will state how many you want and just when you want them, also whether they are destined for the bull pens or coal mines, we will be pleased to give your needs our prompt attention. In fact we will be willing to work overtime.

Truly yours,
Secretary Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Superintendents.

P. S. Fortunately, "Mother Jones" has just come into the office and she gives me her personal word that if you want her to head the procession she will gladly come. She would like to know whether the men are to come with arms or armless.

[Photograph added.]

Anti-transgender bathroom bills threaten transgender participation in public life

Hellraisers Journal: Charges Against Joe Hill's Attorney Enumerated in Petition for Disbarment

The cause I stand for, that of a fair and honest trial,
is worth more than any human life-
much more than mine.
-Joe Hill

Thursday January 6, 1916
Salt Lake City, Utah - Charges Against Judge Hilton Enumerated

The Ogden Standard of December 22nd, which announced that a disbarment complaint had been filed against Joe Hill's attorney, Judge Orrin N. Hilton, enumerated the charges filed against him:


Salt Lake, Dec. 22....
Orrin N Hilton.jpg

Charges Detailed.

In conclusion the petition for disbarment of Hilton says:

The grievance committee of the State Bar association of Utah accuses the said Orrin N. Hilton of having in all the premises failed in his duty, as prescribed by his oath of office.

1. To support the laws of the state of Utah, but, on the contrary, had falsely and maliciously imputed their origin, existence and administration to a power unacknowledged and unknown to the constitution, with the intent to bring them into disrepute and contempt in this and other states of the United States.

2. That he has failed to maintain the respect due to the courts of justice and judicial officers, in that he has denounced the courts and the judges thereof-speaking as one who had absolute knowledge in the premises to the people of this and other states-as being subservient to and controlled by a religious power foreign to the law and the constitution in the exercise of their judicial duties in the judgments pronounced in causes involving the lives and liberties of the people; and in exhibiting toward the judges and the courts a contemptuous disregard of their authority, and in imputing to them dishonorable and unlawful motives and acts, all tending to bring the administration of justice into disrepute, and tending to lessen the regard and the respect of the people for judicial tribunal.

Washington Human Rights Commission adopts new transgender policies

The Human Rights Commission of the state of Washington announced on December 26 a new set of rules governing use of sex-specific facilities.

In essence the state is officially recognizing transgender women to be women and transgender men to be men.

Of course, there are some folks who can't wrap their heads around that.

Hellraisers Journal: Judge Orrin N. Hilton, Attorney for Joe Hill, Facing Disbarment in Utah

The cause I stand for, that of a fair and honest trial,
is worth more than any human life-
much more than mine.
-Joe Hill

Wednesday January 5, 1916
Salt Lake City, Utah - Disbarment Proceedings Begun Against Judge Hilton

From The Ogden Standard of December 22nd, comes news of a recent development in what passes for the practice of Law in the Pursuit of Justice in the state of Utah:


Orrin N Hilton.jpg

Salt Lake, Dec. 22.-Disbarment proceedings against O. N. Hilton, the Denver lawyer, because of attacks made upon Utah justice and integrity at the Joe Hillstrom funeral in Chicago, were formally instituted in the supreme court of the state yesterday by the Utah State Bar association.

The grievance committee of the bar association filed with the supreme court information charging the Denver lawyer with unprofessional and immoral conduct in violation of his oath and obligations as an attorney practicing in Utah courts. The petition asks that Hilton be cited to appear before the supreme court and answer why he should not be barred from practicing in the Utah courts.

The complaint is signed by C. S. Varian, chairman, and A. L. Hoppaugh and Frank K. Nebeker, comprising the grievance committee, and countersigned by Herbert R. MacMillan as president of the Utah State Bar association.

The bar association, in its formal complaint, quotes from the address at the Hillstrom funeral in Chicago, where in the lawyer charged that the influences of the Mormon church sent Hillstrom to the expiation of a crime for which he was not proved guilty and wherein he attacked Governor Spry and the Utah supreme court. Hilton was admitted to practice here in the supreme court in 1912. It also quotes from other utterances of Hilton in connection with the case....

[Photograph added.]


Defining by example: Political Powerlessness

Researchers at the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law published a new study in the December issue of the SAGE Journal Research and Politics. The study, Transgender inclusion in state non-discrimination policies: The democratic deficit and political powerlessness, was written by Andrew R. Flores, Jody Herman, and Christy Mallory.

Transgender people—people whose gender identity or expression is different from their assigned sex at birth—and their allies advocate for the inclusion of gender identity or transgender in state non-discrimination policies. These policies generally proscribe discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations. Courts and administrative agencies have determined discrimination against transgender people is a violation of existing statutes, but there remain efforts by advocates to seek policies that explicitly prohibit discrimination on the basis of transgender status, which are often the result of legislation going through the political process. A pluralist understanding of the political process theorizes that a majority coalition of minorities can offer social groups policies they support. This rests on the presumption that a majority coalition of minorities should rule. Any indication to the contrary may suggest a democratic deficit, whereby more than a majority is necessary for policy introduction. We find that there is a substantial democratic deficit regarding the inclusion of gender identity or transgender in employment non-discrimination policies. On average, state support for the policy must be 81% in order for the state to have a policy reflecting such sentiment. This leaves substantial implications for the political powerlessness of transgender people in the political process.

Hellraisers Journal: Ralph Chaplin on Joe Hill's Funeral from the International Socialist Review

The murdering of martyrs has never yet made
a tyrant's place secure.
-Ralph Chaplin

Monday January 3, 1916
From the International Socialist Review: Ralph Chaplin on Joe Hill's Funeral

In the latest edition of the Review, Fellow Worker Ralph Chaplin offers this account of the funeral of our martyred rebel songwriter which was held in Chicago this past Thanksgiving Day, November 25th:

Joe Hill Funeral, West Side Auditorium, ISR Jan 1916.png



Mummers Parade group pushes transphobia, attacks Jenner

 photo Cereal_zps7rl7wvrn.jpgIncoming Mayor Jim Kenney has denounced the Mummers group Finnegan's Wake for its attack on the transgender community...and specifically Kaitlyn Jenner.

Kenney called the signs carried "bad" and "hurtful" and said that the Philadelphia transgender community did not deserve "that form of satire."

Hellraisers Journal: Ex-Governor Steunenberg of Idaho Murdered by Dynamite Bomb at Home in Caldwell

There are no limits to which the powers of privilege will not go
to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones

Tuesday January 2, 1906
Caldwell, Idaho - Ex-Governor Steunenberg Assassinated

From the front page of The New York Times of December 31st comes this very grim news:


Frank Steunenberg of Idaho Victim of an Assassin.
The Bomb Had Been Placed at His Gate at Caldwell,
and Exploded as He Entered.

Gov Steunenberg, Idaho 1897-1901.png

BOISE, Idaho, Dec. 30.-Frank Steunenberg, formerly Governor of Idaho, was killed to-night by a bomb at his home in Caldwell. A dynamite bomb had been placed at his front gate with a contrivance that exploded the bomb as he entered. Both legs were blown off and he lived but twenty minutes.

There is no known reason for the outrage, but it is charged to some members of the famous inner circle of the Coeur D'Alene dynamiters, whom he prosecuted relentlessly in 1899 while he was Governor.

Gov. Gooding is in communication with the police and is prepared to lend the full support of the State in running down the perpetrators of the crime. The State will offer a large reward.

Steunenberg was Governor of Idaho from 1897 to 1901, having been twice elected on the Populist ticket. He was born in Iowa forty-four years ago, and had been in Idaho since 1887. He leaves a widow and three children.

Hellraisers Journal: "The Lumber Jack" by Arthur Boose, IWW Organizer in Northern Minnesota

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Saturday January 1, 1916
From the International Socialist Review: Arthur Boose on Organizing Lumber Jacks

From this month's edition of the Review we offer an article by Arthur Boose who is currently engaged in the organizing effort of the Industrial Workers of the World amongst the Timber Workers of Northern Minnesota.

Lumber Workers, Waiting for Dinner Up In The Woods, ISR Jan 1916.png



I HAVE been asked to contribute an article on the lumber industry and the conditions which obtain in it. I have spent a good deal of my life in that industry and take pleasure in telling about the life of the men known as lumber jacks.

Healthcare is a human right

 photo Jamison_zpsk8tz1yoy.jpgThat's why it's reserved for cisgender people.

Jamison Green is president of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), formerly the Harry Benjamin Gender Dysphoria Association (HBIGDA). He has a new book out now, Making the Case for Transgender Health and Rights.

Jamison spoke Monday at the Capitol Hill Library to a capacity crowd.

Hellraisers Journal: A Logger Tells the Story of the So-Called Life of the Migratory Timber Worker

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Friday December 31, 1915
From the Archives of the Industrial Worker: The "Life" of the Migratory Timber Worker

As the Industrial Workers of the World begins a campaign to organize the timber workers of Northern Minnesota, Hellraisers offers this account of the life of a migratory timber worker from an anonymous logger, originally published in the Industrial Worker of July 2, 1910. The conditions under which the "timber beasts" live and work have not improved much, if at all.


Industrial Worker, Blanket Stiff, April 23, 1910.png

The question has often been asked: "What constitutes living?" If it is the mere fact that we have life in our bodies and are plodding along in search of a job with our blankets on our back, then we are all living.

If "living" means to have all the good things of life, all the comforts of a home, and a life guarantee that such comforts shall continue as long as we are willing to do our share of the work, then we are not living, but simply saving funeral expenses.

It is estimated that there are 50,000 loggers along the Pacific coast, and it is a conservative statement to make that not one percent of them can say that their home consists of anything better than a dirty bunk furnished by the boss and a roll of blankets that they are compelled to tote about from pillar to post, many times only to make room for another toiler who has left $2 for the job in the tender care of the fat Employment Hog, who will divvy up with the foreman or superintendent. This is incentive enough to soon discharge him, so that a new recruit can be divorced from his $2, and so this endless chain of men tramping to and from the employment shark and the job.

Hate rears an ugly head

Last May, two months after Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) issued an opinion saying they could, the Fairfax County School Board voted to approve protecting transgender students and staff.

The decision by the Fairfax County School Board to add ‘gender identity’ to our nondiscrimination policy is to provide an environment which promotes equality where every student and employee is treated with dignity and respect.

That's double-plus ungood according to conservative hate forces. So Andrea Lafferty, leader of the Traditional Values Coalition goaded a high school student into joining her in a lawsuit against the school board, arguing "that the county school board overstepped its bounds when it changed the policy to bar discrimination of students and staff based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. The suit asks for an injunction to stop the board from implementing the policy."

We have warned for months that such changes were not only jeopardizing our children but in direct contravention of long-standing Virginia statute.