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Top Secret NSA Report Allegedly Showing Russian Military Hacked US Election Software Systems obtained by The Intercept

The Intercept has obtained a "Top Secret" document from an anonymous NSA source that claims the Russian Military Intelligence (a/k/a GRU) hacked into a US company, VR Systems, that sells "electronic voting services and equipment whose products are used in eight states."

Cormier v Planet Fitness

The Michigan Appeals Court has ruled 3-0 that Yvette Cormier has no claim against Planet Fitness over its transgender-inclusive policies.

Back in 2015 Cormier encountered a transgender woman in a locker room. She decided that she needed to repeatedly warn all other women in the establishment. Planet Fitness responded by revoking her membership.

Prologue: DWS, DNC and the intersection of two colliding investigations.

This is only a prologue because I wish to set the stage without encumbering you with a torrent of links, which I have already. The situation is complex and becoming more complex daily--in fact almost hourly. It is becoming extremely difficult to keep up and I am afraid that I am not. But here goes.

What do you know about the worst terrorist attack this past week?

No, I am not referring to the terrorist attack in London that has a death toll of seven people and is dominating the news cycle. Nor am I referring to the suicide bomb that was set off outside a concert venue in Manchester. No, I'm referring to the one in Kabul, Afghanistan.