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A Bright, Flashing Warning Sign

Imagine for a moment that some salesman offered you a deal.
They are willing to let you loan them money, and would only charge you a nominal fee plus a small rate of interest for the transaction.

In a sane world your answer would either be either, "Uh, no" or you would laugh in their face, depending on your mood at the time.
Pay to loan money?!? That's insane. Not just insane, illogical.

DoE, DoJ step up for Gavin Grimm in 4th Circuit

 photo Gavin_zpsuoaqpjow.jpgWhen last we encountered Gavin Grimm, Gloucester County Schools were still preventing the trans teen from using the boys room and the district had received the blessing of District Court Judge Robert Doumar in Norfolk.

Gavin's ACLU attorneys have asked an appeals court to replace Doumar, who denied his request for a preliminary injunction, because Doumar has made statements that he is "suspicious of modern medical science regarding gender identity." The lawyers say that Doumar has repeatedly referenced Gavin's "mental disorder" and accused him and them of just seeking publicity.

Yesterday the Department of Educations Office of the General Council and the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division filed a 40-page friend-of-the-court brief with the 4th US Circuit Court on behalf of Grimm.

GLAAD: too few transgender characters on TV

GLAAD has released its yearly report analyzing the quantity and quality of LGBT character portrayals on television. Where We Are on TV 2015 found that of the 881 regular characters on broadcast primetime programming in the coming year, 35 are identified as LGB. That's 4%. Not one of the regular or recurring characters is transgender.

I guess that means we are not to expect Mrs. Hudson to pop up on Elementary this season.

The number of regular LGBT characters counted on cable increased from 64 to 84, while recurring characters increased from 41 to 58.

What is We The People's answer to the Powell memo?

The Powell memorandum told the Republicans to go forth and use ownership of media and industry by the super-rich to change American popular culture from top to bottom — in order to put a stop to the social and political ferment of the Sixties and Seventies, crush the so-called counterculture, and try to make any revival of such developments impossible once and for all.