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 photo Dee Whigham at work_zpsdh6xckvf.jpgDee Whigham was a 25-year-old RN from Shubata, MS. Whigham worked at Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Dee Whigham as they try to make sense of this terrible tragedy. She will be remembered at Forrest Health as an excellent nurse who was well-loved by her patients. I know Dee will be missed by her co-workers, supervisors, and the Forrest Health family.

--Evan Dillard, Forrest Health

Bernie's example is outstanding no matter how you feel about his support for Clinton

Everything happens in a context. The actions of Bernie sanders are in one of the most unique contexts in history.

Bernie made a conscious decision to join the Democratic Party knowing more about what it was than we have come to learn now. He knew he had to bite the bullet more than once to try to accomplish something and his accomplishments are beyond anyone's in this day and age.

Glad You Mentioned That!

I see that Dems are suddenly galvanized by the concept of Russian hackers intruding into the DNC servers and subsequently allowing the fruits of the hack to be published and disseminated among the great unwashed, whose unsophisticated naivety will naturally cause them misinterpret the day to day pragmatic business of auctioning off the boards and directorates of government institutions to the highest donor and see sinister manipulations in the Escherish financial structure of wiring money to

The Sanders campaign and the party for the people in the crowd.

As I've explained before, and as I'll be explaining in a review of Jodi Dean's Crowds and Party (review forthcoming in the September issue of Capitalism Nature Socialism), there needs to be a “party for the people in the crowd.” Bernie Sanders appears to be calling off the political revolution, oblivious to the notion that the Democratic Party is about to evic

Michael Moore: 5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win. A reply:

Two things Michael:

You're much more afraid of President tRump than they/we are, which leads to my second point. From the close of your piece:

That was it. That was enough for him. To “shake things up.

Did you stop and ask him why he feels that way? Would you like to bet that he's one of the 'losers' in The Greatest Robbery in the History of the World?

The Convention When Dems Are United? Or the One When Dems Are Untied?

Don't you love it when you stumble across a read where the author is so thoroughly on your own wavelength that you feel comforted in knowing that, in fact, you are not alone and that other sentient beings are reacting to the same stimuli you are responding to in exactly the same way and drawing the same conclusions?

It Keeps Getting Worse: Email Shows DNC Planning to Give Federal Appointments to Big Time Donors

It Becomes Clearer

When we said that the DNC was favouring [against its own charter] one primary candidate over another this was deemed to be a conspiracy theory.

It was blatant with respect to the debates and their scheduling and a concerted internet campaign biased against one candidate.

Now that it has been proved to be true the same line of attack as always is being used, blame the messenger.

What will this fiasco do to the final evaluations of Obama's Presidency?

It certainly can't help him. It is especially ironic because he was on track when he campaigned against Clinton.

For me it is one more reason to kick myself in the rear for having swallowed Obama's BS. He really took me in. Now that we have it all we can see how masterful he was at swindling us.

It might be that he will be remembered for Presiding over the death of his party and the total exposure of its corruption and deceit.

NEJM addresses bathroom issue and transgender equality

The New England Journal of Medicine has weighed in on how the bathroom issue affects the health of transgender people in an article entitled Beyond Bathrooms — Meeting the Health Needs of Transgender People by Mark A Schuster, Sari L. Reisner and Sarah E. Onorato which appeared in the July 14, issue.

To all my friends who are still Democrats

Now that the cesspool of corruption in the Democratic party is being laid bare daily, how can you support this? It is you who are the victims here. And yet it is you who made it all possible.

Long ago many of us saw it all too clearly. We did not chant

Hey!....Hey!....LBJ...How many kids did you kill today?

and then remain "loyal" to the system that killed all those people.

Hello from Philly

Well, The People's Convention went very well yesterday capped off by great speeches by Nina Turner and Jill Stein. I am typing this from my iPad at which I am not particularly adept at adding links, but if you go to this website


you should be able to view them in the live stream of the event.

Marshall Apologizes on Facebook, Clinton Camp Yells "Russia!"