Ex-con at California Back the Blue Prayer Gathering prepares to vote for the first time in his life

Identified as Marxist until a year ago, and keeping his Che Guevara tattoo, but...

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In prison, it is not uncommon to join a gang, get religion, or become an economic theorist.
Can't tell you how many convict preachers I have known.
They are prone to new indoctrination upon release.
It took this guy 15 years of Marxism, and a year or so of freedom before he got properly conditioned to love cops.
He once tried to kill someone. He has been there, done that.

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@on the cusp

My spell check does not approve, but I think that is a more apt
description of what's going on here than to say that he has been
re-indoctrinated. If he has been then by who or what, do you suppose?

Seems to me like the man just started asking the right questions and connecting dots.

Example: you (not you, specifically, OTC) claim the government is fascist and cops in particular yet support disarming yourself and your fellow citizens while leaving the government (and gangbangers) well armed. Our ex-con recognizes the cognitive dissidence there that millions of liberals holding these contradictory views fail to.

Similarly, his take on the BLM agenda and how it never seems to extend to calling for replacement of the Democratic establishment that has run most of the big cities and states with the worst of these problems for decades. He thinks it's because those are the people actually controlling BLM in pursuit of their own agenda. He may not be completely right -
I think it goes higher and deeper than that, but he is exercising healthy scepticism and *paying attention* which puts him ahead of a lot of people.

He is spot on with his take on the ever-proliferating number of petty rules and laws that are not intended to be widely enforced, and that often have no clear victim but provide police and government generally with cover for harassing and/or fleecing the population.

There should be clearer and fewer laws and only those covering acts which clearly victimize someone or are seriously detrimental to society as a whole. Thus, the emphasis on cops to the exclusion of considering the role of prosecutors, judges and legislators is very suspect.

I don't actually see the guy saying he loves Trump or the police - but he apparently thinks that, in the short term, anyway, the likely alternatives to either one would be much worse.

I agree.

Recommended watching - Black former cop on the Jacob Blake shooting and media bias:

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