1899 -Friedrich Bayer & Co patented acetylsalicylic acid, which it modestly named Bayer Aspirin.

1945 - The spawn of the devil was surreptitiously mixed with a used wet mop, fungi collected from the broken fridge in a college's male dormitory, and a badly edited "do it yourself" book, Egotism for Morons, resulting in the birth of Donald Trump.


Hello, Boys and Girls, Moms and Dads, and chitlins of all sages. Welcome to the first edition of the Ineffable Stupidity Sermon, now brought to you free of ads on Channel 99. Keep the volume up, and make sure that any yutes are safely kept far away from the computer screen at all times.

I imagine that most of you are castaways from another location. If you wonder what it is like now, even a few daze after a bizarre and ill-informed edict from Dear Leader, and want to wander over there, try it as a lurker. (Ad revenue, you see) Sadly, it becomes quite clear that the WHO has taken Dear Leader's admonishments to heart, and that they are seeking out Bernie supporters in the worst possible way. No, not a rock group, or a UN based health provider, but the Worst Hillarians Organization. The resulting Wreck page is something to behold. And avoid. There are some voices of reason, but clearly, Bernie fans are not quite welcome there. It will only get worse.

Despite Bernie's wins in two states, including one that has a 100% correct history in picking the nominee, somehow, the media portrays it as a victory of Hillary, rather than an extremely close race, with Bernie's strongest states coming after 3/15.

TRUMP v. Cricketts
For whom the bell tolls. Apparently, there is no love lost between multi-millionaires and billionaires.

The very, very, rich Ricketts family, owners of the Cubs sports franchise, and underwriters of Scott Walker's failed presidential campaign, are in a war of attrition, sniping, and guerrilla attacks, including the use of those missing IraqNam WMDs, against Teh Donald Trump. Ricketts family loves how the nation is going, what with the rich becoming super-rich, and the middle class unknowingly paying for it. Local media is just beginning to cover it.

If the race ends up being between Trump and Hillary, the Ricketts kkklan will likely support Hillary. (Which also says a lot about her)

Keep your eyes on this station.I expect the relatively low level battle to grow, and eventually use MIRV laden ICBMs. As free entertainment, I don't think our nation has ever seen anything like it.

I wonder if her campaign can ever be thankful enough to South Carolina's Reprehensible Trey Gowdy. In a deuce of a move, Trey managed to ace his attacks on the queen with his laughably inept and incoherent hearings on that Ben fellow. Ben Ghazi. In doing so, he not only cemented an image of Hillary's victimhood, he blew an gold-plated, diamond encrusted opportunity to hold a real investigation on a related, but far more serious issue. One can understand his motives and his reasoning, given that more than 50% of the country's population really does not trust her or like her. But, our nation would have been far better off if Trey ignored the polling data and simply conducted a real investigation.

Ben Ghazi? Indicative of wrong-doing? Very doubtful. BUT THE REASON WHY IT CAME TO PASS IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT. Something far worse occurred in Libya, far, far worse. Unfortunately, Congress (both parties), Trey (the ass of a jack in many ways), the media, AND the democratic leadership have studiously ignored the real underlying problem:

Why did Libya fall apart so badly? And how far past its borders will its shattering destructive failure extend?

A reasonably stable, mostly functioning state, controlled by a long-serving dictator has imploded. One thing he had in his favor, (despite his uncountable flaws and crimes), he fully understood how the application of power and force could keep his unruly and potentially explosive nation unified and under control. In peace. Without thinking through the real-politic impact and the reality there, he was removed from power. AND that only occurred because Hillary Clinton, as SexState, convinced an admittedly reluctant Obama to approve a series of moves to undermine and dethrone Gaddafi. The resulting power vacuum has caused massive destruction, death, and guarantees the entire region's instability for the foreseeable future.

When you look at all the factors, the region's history and stresses, and see what Hillary's policy proposals eventually led to, one conclusion is inescapable. Hillary Clinton is responsible for creating a rudderless state, a quagmire, a zone of instability and death for a generation to come. In doing so, she contributed to the reversal, if not utter destruction, of various promising mass movements for more democracy in the region. When Libya fell, and its competing forces were unleashed (and often armed by western arms manufacturers - who happen to donate to her SuperPac and her Foundation), Libya as a relatively peaceful country was doomed.

Had Trey played his cards right, and investigated the result of her foreign policy fuck up, (Massive FuckUp, if truth be told) he would have had a national discussion about her judgment and her pro-war policies - something which the media and most campaigns are studiously ignoring so far. Her many failures of judgment would have been the topic, rather than the lamentable deaths of professionals who died while simply trying to follow Hillary's policies and orders. Having been dealt a royal flush, he squandered his chance, and with it, the nation lost a great opportunity to see who the real culprit was.

Libya, not Benghazi, is the issue. Because of her, we have left this world a far more unsettled, scary, and dangerous place. Rewarding Hillary with the Dem. nomination, and possibly the presidency, would be about as bad as rewarding a failed, shallow, and incompetent National Security Committee chief advisor with a promotion to be Secretary of State, after she failed to comprehend the actual risks we faced on the geo-political stage, despite clear, pointed, and repeated warnings.

Let's leave her IraqNam war-mongering, her Syrian fuck-ups, her Ukraine fiasco, and reliance on Henry Kissinger, and use of Victoria Nuland (a neocon, married to the capo of neocons, Robert Kagan) for another day.


The Sports Authority, a sporting goods retailer financed in part by several Hillarian financial groups, including First Chicago Venture Partners,Phillips Smith Venture Capital, BAIN CAPITAL, and others, came into being in the 1980s. After a "merger of equals" in 2003, it became the largest sports retail chains in the country, with more than 200 stores in 30+ states.

In 2006, it underwent a leveraged buy-out worth $1.4 BILLION dollars. The buy-out caused the company to become private, and no longer be listed on any exchange. It no longer sends financial reports to the SEC.

The buy-out saddled Sports Authority with so much debt, that instead of meeting and beating the threat from its major competitor, Dick's Sporting Goods, it is now slashing employment, closing more than 140 of its stores, and screwing workers with pensions and benefits.

A familiar story, to be sure. Mergers, leverage buy-outs, and other financial games almost always cause the key venture capitalists to become very, very wealthy. (The best known exception is K-Mart, which will probably close its doors this year) Unfortunately, it always leads to job losses, small investor losses, and an eventual collapse of the entire franchise.

The 1% become ever more wealthy. Everyone else loses.

If you have an idle moment, imagine the policy approach of various presidential candidates to the whole Sports Authority fiasco.

A. Trump - you just know he would support the venture carnivores.
B. Hillary - hey, her biggest fans and investors were involved. How can she complain about them becoming even richer?
C. Cruz - If you sought out the worst possible path of decision making, you'd find Ted right there, waiting at the gate.
D. Rubio - The clear winner of 3d place would wait until his Koch dealers informed him of his position. Which would be no different than A, B, or C.
E. Bernie - His voice, and his voice alone, from this group, would be the most clear in supporting workers and jobs, rather than wealthy venture capitalist carnivores.

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