Church of ineffable Stupidity

Pastor Agnostic's Rules for Beef Jerky

For sports fans, the approach of of any sports season generally means good food. Arenas and stadiums are often filled with culinary delights, but, it is hard to argue with food cooked just outside of the stadium. Somehow it tastes even better, even if your vehicle has no tail to gate.

Faith, part 2.0

The first problem a rational thinker faces is that lots of people actually believe this stuff. Hard to believe, but true. It is even harder to accept when you consider the incredible gains in all sciences over the last few centuries, despite Christianity’s strong opposition. Even today, their concerted efforts threaten to prevent any science from going forward.

Denny Hastert - the true face of today's GOP

Just sit right back
And you'll hear a tale
A tale of a creepy dick,
who fondled kids in his high school days,
his acts will make you sick.
Denny was a ruthless pol, he aimed to impeach Bill,
cuz' of where he'd stick his prick.
Five innocents - their lives were ruined,
While Denny struck it rich,
and Til the Feds used their stick.

Til the Feds used their stick.

Hey, C99ers. I hate to ask, but I need your help.

I hope this does not violate the terms of use here, but I face a serious dilemma.

Yesterday, I received an email that shocked me to my core. Honestly, I cannot recall another episode in my 58 revolutions of the flat earth that has affected me so greatly. Being a rather smug, sarcastic, even arrogant person, it was and is my habit to recognize a challenge or serious issue, to rise up, to face it, and to confront it and to deal with it head on, but always on my own.