America's illegal forever wars

More than 20 years ago we invaded Iraq. Three years ago Iraq asked us to leave. We are still there.

“Iraqi priorities and the US are increasingly at odds,” Abdul Mahdi said during his address to parliament.

He said a US troop withdrawal was the only way to “protect all those on Iraqi soil” – especially American forces that require protection from the Iraqis.

“It would be difficult for Iraqi security forces to protect (US) forces after the recent events, given that unilateralism … has won over political decision-making,” the Prime Minister said.

In response, Trump has threatened to sanction Baghdad “like they’ve never seen before ever,” if Iraq were to expel US troops.

“It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame,” he added, a reference to over 1,000 rounds of economic penalties imposed by the US on Tehran after the Trump administration pulled out of the multilateral Iran nuclear deal in 2018.

Showing that it's bipartisan, Iraq denounced the U.S. presence again.

“We vehemently condemn the attack on Jurf al-Nasr, executed without the knowledge of Iraqi government agencies,” said Iraqi government spokesman Basem al-Awadi.

“This action is a blatant violation of sovereignty and an attempt to destabilize the security situation,” al-Awadi added.

The Senate voted to repeal the 2002 AUMF last year, but the House never took up the vote.
At the same time, in Syria, there has been no AUMF to legally justify our invasion and occupation.

US troops are fighting ISIS in Syria. But Congress hasn’t approved it, the public hardly knows about it, and it’s not clear under what conditions the US would leave.

Americans tend to only be reminded of the 900 US troops and hundreds of contractors stationed there when they came under attack, often from militants who have Iran’s support, or when there is a mishap — like this week.

Like Iraq, Syria has been demanding that we leave for years.
Just like in Ukraine, U.S. weapons are being pilfired in Iraq and Syria..

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who talk about "US strategy" in the world. Awhile back this was leaked:

In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA

And then you have US sanctions "strategy." The propaganda mills told us over and over again that sanctions would weaken the Russian economy. Actually the sanctions forced the Russian oligarchs to invest in Russia instead of investing elsewhere. End result?

The political class in the US has known about this reality since IMF data came out in January. The standard proposed political solution since then? "Let's impose more sanctions!"

I guess at some point they had to stop claiming they were "winning" in Ukraine, some time after the mud season started and they were still unable to claim any significant territorial gains for Ukraine. Or maybe it was when the conflict between Israel and Hamas heated up and they had another grift to pursue. It should be plain, though, that that the US hasn't been in the game to "win" for quite some time now. What's amazing is that they've been able to hide this fact for so long.

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"The war on Gaza, backed by the West, is a demonstration that the West is willing to cross all lines. That it will discard any nuance of humanity. That it is willing to commit genocide" -- Moon of Alabama

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Not according to this article from Vanessa Beely.

Syria is playing the long game - developing strategy for the potential of all-out war

In response, the US and Israel have mobilised their ISIS agents in Syria to attack Syrian Arab Army positions in the central desert areas.

ISIS aggression on behalf of Israel and US

The level of attacks being carried out by the ISIS terrorists is indicative of both their presence in the areas occupied by US allied forces and of the control that the US alliance has over this terrorist faction operating in Syria and Iraq.

She then goes on to describe the attacks on US bases and the counter attacks. Well worth a read if you want a thorough update on what’s happening in Syria. Weird how the corporate media is silent on this…don’t you think? Biden has told Iran not to get involved and yet Israel has been attacking Syria whenever the hell it wants. Just more American hypocrisy and exceptionalism!

Vaness says that 40 US troops have been killed since 10/7. The government has only admitted that 53 troops have suffered injuries and that they were minor. I’ve already had my rant about calling traumatic brain injuries minor. Many are not.

Yesterday I read this article about how ISIS was created by America and Israel and bring them out when they want to increase the mayhem in Syria.

ISIS are back…and they’re faker than ever

In just the last few days ISIS – Islamic State or ISIL or Da’esh or whatever – have hit the headlines in publications from all over the world. A strong resurgence for a narrative that’s been more than quiet for the last few years.

To do a quick recap, when last we heard from our cartoonish black-flagged head-choppers they were telling their suicide bombers to “steer clear of coronavirus-stricken Europe”.

An announcement that, pre-“pandemic”, would have been among the silliest headlines I’ve ever read…but in a post-Covid world it probably barely scrapes the top twenty.

Either way, that marked a hiatus for ISIS, an exit from the world stage as the “war on terror” made way for the “war on Covid”. In fact, a “reduction in violent terror events” was even sold as a potential plus-side of lockdowns, according to a study done by Yale.

…but now here we are. Three years on, and ISIS is back with a bang, or rather several bangs. Like a balaclava-wearing bear, they’ve emerged from their hibernation feeling grumpy.

Included in the article is a link about how terrorists always drive brand new Toyota trucks and no one knows where they got them. I remember reading that they stole them from another terrorist group that we financed. Anyone else remember that?

Biden said that we are in Syria to fight ISIS. Too bad that Trump already spilled the beans and said that we are there to steal the oil.

Btw did you know that Israel’s troops would go into Syria and rescue Isis troops and take them back to Israel for treatment? I’m pretty sure that America knew that. And also remember that Obomber refused to stop them from taking Syria oil…well until he was shamed into lobbying a few bombs at them once or twice.

When Iraq tells us to take a hike and leave their country we tell them that we have to stay to fight the terrorists, but those terrorists are probably Iraqi troops telling us to get the hell out of their country.

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Which AIPAC/MIC/pharma/bank bought politician are you going to vote for? Don’t be surprised when nothing changes.