Ukraine vs. Haiti

Thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of people have been killed in Ukraine since Russia invaded.
In response, the U.S. Congress has passed $65.9 billion in Ukraine assistance as of mid-November, and then the White House asked Congress for another $38 billion in Ukraine aid. That's over $100 Billion and counting.
In addition to this mountain of taxpayer cash, the U.S. admitted 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in 2022. More than 22,000 Ukrainians were allowed to enter via the U.S.-Mexico border. Only 500 Ukrainians entered the country through the traditional refugee system. The Biden Administration has promised not to deport any Ukrainians.

A BBC reporter on the ground describes Haiti this way.

Competing gangs are carving up the Haitian capital, kidnapping, raping, and killing at will. They demarcate their territory in blood.

From September of last year to July of 2022, the U.S. deported 25,000 Haitians back to their collapsing country. Some of these refugees were deported despite still having open and unsettled cases for political asylum status in the U.S. They were then thrown into overcrowded prisons in Haiti, and effectively held for ransom to their relatives in the U.S.
After some of these deported children died shortly after landing in Haiti, and with the deportation policy's legal status being challenged, an embarrassed Biden Administration stopped the deportation flights.
Total U.S. aid for Haiti is around $221 million, most of it was in response to a devastating earthquake that struck Haiti late last year.

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The D.R. has deported around 44,000 people to Haiti, most of them haven't lived in Haiti for decades. Some have never even been to Haiti.
1,800 of them were children that were deported without their parents.

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Has the Wokiesh Inquisition said anything about this yet?

Seems like now or never to prove they're anything more than what their detractors say they are.
New York Times?

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In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is declared mentally ill for describing colors.

Yes Virginia, there is a Global Banking Conspiracy!

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Why? How does that benefit rich people?

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"The war on Gaza, backed by the West, is a demonstration that the West is willing to cross all lines. That it will discard any nuance of humanity. That it is willing to commit genocide" -- Moon of Alabama