Two Rangers, now vets, encourage troops not to go to border UPDATED Breaking

069-800x600 saws essay  .jpg President Trump is attracting a diverse group of critics for his political stunt of sending active military on top of the National Guard already there on the southern border, trying to sell it as protecting us from sick and impoverished group of asylum seekers weeks away from making it to the US border.

Celebrate independence with the MIC

You can watch, and hear your tax dollars fly toward more war, more intervention, more profiteering and ultimately, more refugees to hate on, while kicking back on holiday and telling yourself how great this self-sustaining cycle of violence called the USA is. This is a symptom of decades of domestic psyops having embedded militarism into every phase of our lives…politics, economy and even recreation. This is also another accident waiting to happen.

Syria: Lies Fuel War and Genocide

Lies Fuel War and Genocide

I am getting frustrated with some of the blatant bullshit coming out of the pro Assad social media brigade which is, for the most part is supportive of extreme international facism, racist pigs, and in some cases as full of bullshit and genocidal evil ideology as the Al Qaedah/ISIS religious fanatics/Turkish affiliated fascists they fight.

Those fortunate enough to escape Mosul

are closer to temporary safety than this family pictured last week.

An Iraqi special forces soldier helps a family carry their child to cross from Islamic State controlled part of Mosul to Iraqi forces controlled part of Mosul, Iraq, March 4, 2017. Picture taken March 4, 2017. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RTS11IXU

Righteous Locals Help Syrian Refugee Family Settle in Pennsylvanian Town

Cross Lady Liberty comforts refugee child. Seen in London at rally against Trump's travel ban, 30 Jan 2017. (Alisdare Hickson from Canterbury, United Kingdom (CC-SA))

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. -- Jesus of Nazareth

On January 27, President Donald Trump issued an order banning entry to the U.S. of persons from certain Muslim-majority countries, and of all refugees. The sudden enforcement of that order drew 1000's of people to the nation's airports, and elsewhere around the world, to stand against religious discrimination and for due process of law, and to support refugees and those blocked by the travel ban. It also drew this comment from one person who has been working to help refugees settle:

When I see refugees now being shut off like that, I think, ‘How on earth can we be so hardhearted,’ ” said Harley Kooker, who first worked with refugees in Vietnam as a conscientious objector to that war. “I was always taught that we love whoever regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, you know, that’s who my Jesus is, that’s what my Jesus taught.”