Nazi insignia worn by U.S. military attache in Ukraine

Pentagon says it wants to eliminate extremist groups from our military. But Col. Brittany Stewart wearing a Nazi insignia in Ukraine is a sign of strength, I guess. Or a sign of solidarity with facists. Or a sign that fascists in our government want to see how much they can get away with.

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If Ukraine, you'll have a Pain in the Neck!

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The insane US strategy of picking a fight with the Bear and the the same a terrible mistake. We've become a desperate empire flailing around trying to maintain our dominance with military might. Recently Ukraine threatens Russia with war. In response, Russia moves troops within its own borders and the US slaps sanctions on part for their supposed hack into SolarWinds. It is interesting that there's been no mention of Israel hacking Iran's nuclear facility. Part of the reason Julian is being tortured in the UK is because he revealed the Vault 7 CIA program that allows our spies (ie mafia) to make any hack look like it came from any country we want to blame. These are the very people that claim it was Russia hacking the US. What is the deal? I think it is all about oil.

Glenn Greenwald gets to Brass Tacks: Biden, Ukraine, War, Loan Guarantees

Glenn Greenwald's article censored by The Intercept is the best and most comprehensive work on the Biden controversy. I hope everyone here can take the time to read it because we will need this insight to cope with whatever happens next week and going forward.

The most important part of it, I think, is Greenwald's focus on Biden's dealing in a $1 billion loan guarantee to Ukraine. I have emphasized his strongest point with bold type, below.

The Only Question worth Asking: whose False Flag was the Ukrainian Airline Crash?

**Update** The Iranian foreign office apparently just admitted it was their missile that shot down the plane unintentionally. While we have to accept this admission as fact for now, there are still many facts that don't add up, including that it took them this long to 'fess up, that after their top spokesperson yesterday claimed it was impossible that a missile would shoot the plane down. There are also many implications not all of which are favorable to Iran.

Ron Paul summation of Impeachment Tyranny

Former Congressman from Texas Ron Paul nails the crux of the impeachment problem, the fact that the witnesses believe Trump should be impeached for changing the direction of our foreign policy, as if he had no business doing so.

The Real Bombshell of the Impeachment Hearings

The Short Blade of Impeachment: Most Americans Skipped Hearings

Sequestered Arms for Ukraine bombs on the Boobtube

The Watergate hearings captured a huge TV audience — 80 percent of Americans tuned in, by some estimates. Like the Moon Landings, Watergate shaped the attitudes of Americans, young and old, for the rest of their lives. Not likely this time.

Niko House makes an interesting connection

Victor Pinchuk. Ukranian Parliament member.
Atlantic Council board member
$25 million in charitable contributions to the Clinton Foundation
Atlantic Council is a partner with Burisma

How systemic was the corruption within the Obama administration, and who was really pulling the strings?

Non-BS Ukraine election news

If I hear someone say "Meddling in our elections..." or "Interfering in our elections..." one more time I will puke.
The news media's focus of bullsh*t news about election meddling has shifted from Russia to Ukraine, but there is an actual non-trivial, non-BS piece of Ukraine-related election news that we need to know.