Open Thread - 09-09-22 - Hellbent for Leather

The terms hell for leather and hell-bent are similar but have different meanings. We will look at the meaning of hell for leather and hell-bent, where the terms come from and examine some examples of their use in sentences.

Hell for leather means as fast as possible. The term was first used in print in 1889 by Rudyard Kipling, specifically referring to riding a horse at breakneck speed. The leather in this case either refers to the leather in the saddle or the leather in the crop.

Hell-bent describes someone who is determined to do something no matter how the effort effects himself or anyone else, at any cost. Hell-bent is an adjective that carries a connotation of recklessness or foolishness, it is an American word that was first used in the early 1800s. Interestingly, a new term is beginning to emerge that combines hell for leather and hell-bent. Hell-bent for leather describes someone who is determined to do something no matter what the cost, and does it in a ferocious manner.


The West sure seems not only hellbent for leather but hellbent for hell as well. Especially Europe. IMHO, the West's wealth is being hovered up at a rapid rate. There are so many things happening at once and it all appears to be aimed at the middle class. The rest of the West is being fleeced as well, but Europe is really in the hotseat.


The Weekly Watch

No Reverse Gear in the Collective West...

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Prepare for impact fellow crash test dummies, or so it seems as the west doubles down on its collision course to war with both Russia and China. This week alone, the US pledged another three billion over the next few years to provide arms to Ukraine, and the UK and BoJo pledged an additional $63M in arms. Not to mention the likely new PM of the UK is ready to start a nuclear war with Russia. Additionally the US is setting up Taiwan as Ukraine 2.0 to provoke a war with China. Meanwhile, much of the world plans to hitch their wagon to the rising economies of the BRICS+ economic alliance rejecting subjugation to the US, IMF and the collective west. The west continues its self delusion that they are most of the world, but in reality comprise 12-15% of global population.


Peacemaker and being an Enemy of Ukraine

A few weeks ago a plane that took off from Moscow airport has engine trouble and had to land in a cornfield. Miraculously no one was hurt.
However, the names of the survivors made it into the press, and those names were picked up by a web site known as Peacemaker. Peacemaker is an ironic name because it means the opposite.

Meanwhile in America's mass media newsrooms

Everyone, remember that on Friday gjohnsit reported a story about how about 30% of the weapons sent to Ukraine are actually used in Ukraine. (The rest of it is sold on the black market.) Well, meanwhile CBS altered the story that was the basis for the 30% figure, deleting the video and adding:

The Weekly Watch

Seeking Peace in Troubled Times

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It is a bit ironic to call for peace when your own country is stirring up most of the world's conflicts, and boy, oh boy, was that on display this week. Perhaps Pelosi's visit to Taiwan this week has triggered the start of WWIII. It sure has started a major confrontation between the US and China. That's on top of the Ukrainian proxy war with Russia... initiated by the US led 2014 Nazi coup in Ukraine. And as if that isn't enough, we continue to persecute American neighbors Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba. We're fomenting trouble in the ME in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran. We drone people in Afghanistan from which we have officially withdrawn, and additionally have stolen the wealth of this very poor country. And it goes on and on in Kosovo, Africa, and around the world. Is there a way to stop US aggression? Cause I can't see the escape hatch.

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