America's "moral outrage" is hypocritical self-parody

Denial can be a useful coping mechanism, but when taken to an extreme it just gets sad.
People living in the middle east are dumbfounded at the ability of Americans to convince themselves that we actually have a moral high ground when talking about Russia's war in Ukraine.

Ukraine and General Jack D. Ripper

A decade ago a large group of neconservatives lied us into war. They told us that the war was necessary and that the costs would be minimal. The news media endorsed their every claim and were quick to call all of the skeptics on the left anti-American.
They were wrong in every way. They should have been drummed out of polite society.

Scott Ritter on Russian Military in Ukraine

This video starts without an introduction, so I don't know its actual date, but it sounds like this week. Ritter is on a roll here, making too much sense. I apologize if it has been posted and discussed earlier and I missed it.


Repeat of a piece written in 2017

This is what I wrote in 2017, about US propaganda and the Russian "hack". I described a Ukrainian connection back then, which may help some to understand our current circumstances. One prediction I made back then would be that we'd be in a war in Ukraine within a year. I was wrong. It took five years:

The okeydoke that Americans were supposed to get

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Hillary Clinton says that, with a little luck, we can turn Ukraine into Afghanistan

Considering all the crocodile tears being shed over Ukraine, it's easy to forget that the U.S. doesn't actually care about the people living there. That's why the wisdom of Hillary Clinton is so valuable for keeping everyone grounded.