Haiti is on the verge of a complete meltdown

Watching this video, it reminded me of what I'd read about early 20th Century China, as the last weak dynasty fell and waves of revolution rocked the nation. Followed by unrest and another revolution, and then another revolution, each one bloodier than the last.
Into that chaos and vacuum arose brutal gangs, that sometimes aligned with corrupt politicians. This is what we are seeing in Haiti today.

Corruption, the Model of Free Market Capitalism


The fraud, corruption and wasteful mismanagement is so deeply ingrained in the present capitalist system that it can make a person "insane" trying to follow up the politicians of both parties, the large corporate charities, the bankers, transnational corporations and media cronies as their corruption poisons the world.

What charity to donate to for Haitian Relief?

OK... I have questions in chat of which charities have a good reputation in Haiti for actually doing something to help Haitians both short term and long term. In my experience big International aid agencies (Think Clinton Foundation, Red Cross etc.) are mostly "disaster capitalists" and can have serious problems with actually helping.

Hurricane Matthew Makes Land Fall on Haiti - Lets Not Waste Aid/Relief Money Capitalist Schemes

This morning I had the unfortunate experiance of listening to people who should know better that Haitians themselves are to blame for Hurricane Matthew (and poverty):

1. Because they worship the devil and don't follow Jesus.
2..Because the became independent of France (unlike neighboring Guadeloupe).
3. Because they are corrupt.
4. Because they destroyed their forests/habitat/environment.

Market in Port-Au-Prince Yesterday