Russia and Iran becoming allies

We are all familiar with the close ties between Russia and China, if only because they are both being threatened by the U.S. and NATO. So it shouldn't be a surprise that Iran, also under threat by the U.S. and UK, would eventually become allied with Russia.


Russian President, Vladimir Putin, arrived in Tehran last week for the second time since he ordered the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February. Just before his arrival, Russia’s state gas giant, Gazprom, signed a US$40 billion memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) that is part of a wide-ranging agenda of increased cooperation between Russia and Iran...
Among other deals contained in the MoU, Gazprom has pledged its full assistance to the NIOC in the US$10 billion development of the Kish and North Pars gas fields with a view to their producing more than 10 million cubic metres of gas per day. The MoU also contains details of a US$15 billion project to increase pressure in the supergiant South Pars gas field on the maritime border between Iran and Qatar. Gazprom will additionally be involved in the completion of various liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects and the construction of gas export pipelines, according to Iranian news sources. This is designed by the Kremlin to give it even more control over future gas supplies coming out of Iran that might have found a home in southern Europe initially, before being transported north, to help alleviate the current gas supply crunch in major European countries. By also becoming more deeply involved in the huge South Pars gas field Russia has also positioned itself to disrupt LNG supplies coming out of Qatar and destined for Europe.

Yep. It's a very strategic move that the West should have saw coming and prevented it by reaching out to Iran and renewing the nuclear deal. Instead they've been outplayed by Putin yet again, who now has a stranglehold on natural gas exports to Europe.
In fact, Putin got even more than that from this deal. All future trade between Russia and Iran will be done in Russian Rubles, further strengthening Russia's currency. In addition to all of this, the two nations are in talks over the dual use of Iranian seaports and airports by Russia for both civilian and military purposes, and for selling Iran the S-400 missile defence system and Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets.
Meanwhile, income from Iranian oil sales has absolutely exploded - up 580%.

Iran has also been making overtures to Iraq. Iran has been exporting gas to Iraq, and creating new diplomatic and economic ties.

Iraq, OTOH, is in trouble. Just today protestors stormed parliament. This comes less than a week after protestors clashed with police over Turkey's bombing of Kurdish areas in northern Iran.

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'I think we should take Iraq and Iran and combine them into one country and call it Irate.

— Denis Leary

'Shianistan' has a certain bell-like tone to it.

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In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is declared mentally ill for describing colors.

Yes Virginia, there is a Global Banking Conspiracy!

Economically sound policies which aid the partners is in diametric opposition to the western
approach of sanctions and war to divide and destroy. Just ask Iraq.

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@QMS reflection of their domestic policy.
All stick, no carrot.
It works better domestically because of our sophisticated propaganda complex.

It doesn't work so well internationally for the same reason.

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And we will be stuck in the anus of it.

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Neither Russia nor China is our enemy.
Neither Iran nor Venezuela are threatening America.
Cuba is a dead horse, stop beating it.

Nice @earthling1 one

and true

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Ya got to be a Spirit, cain't be no Ghost. . .

Explain Bldg #7. . . still waiting. . .

If you’ve ever wondered whether you would have complied in 1930’s Germany,
Now you know. . .
sign at protest march