Test run

So, I had thought about occasionally putting up youtube videos of an assortment of albums from my vinyl collection.

This is a timed dry run ...

Heh, it turns out that it is quite time consuming. Making the videos is relatively painless and I figured it out pretty quickly. However, even though I have a fairly fast connection the uploads take a considerable amount of time.

And after all that, who knows if I've figured out this playlist embed thingy. I guess we'll see. Smile

Oh, and youtube says that they are going to put ads in my videos, so you might want to use an ad blocker with your browser.

So that said, if you can, please enjoy my experiment:

Have a great weekend!

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well, the playlist totally botched the album order, and i didn't trim the end of the first video enough. but what the heck.

i hope that you all can see it, too.

edited to add, the audio quality suffers considerably from whatever processing youtube does. this audio started out as a 24bit/192k wav file and now sounds like a highish quality mp3.

oh well.

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You might have big pipes but you're at the mercy of youtube's servers. It is quite time consuming.

The ads are embedded in the videos so an ad blocker wont affect it.

There is a way to upload high resolution but I never had reason to try it. I'm sure you noticed the high resolution songs some folks put up so there must be a way to do it. Besides back when I was learning how to upload I remember seeing a discussion about high resolution uploads.

Even with the audio downgrade it still sounds pretty good.

Great tune, more please.

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good morning from my parts of the world.

Es lebe die Revolution!

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Especially on top of the daily EB's.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

was gorgeous and so appropriate for this shaky moment.

Thank you for this.

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"Keep on Trucking!"

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Take that for what it's worth...a half deaf jet pilot says it sounds good.

And I've never heard this music before...so that's an added bonus. Thanks for posting.

My partner is sending me images from Twitter. The text is the important part, and simpler:

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Random commenter: "Merck will start selling "placebo" for 50 USD a pop."

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Hey Joe,

GREAT sounds man... awesome stuff. I don't know the movie, or recognize much but Mercury Blues by Steve Miller. The QMS and Miller stuff is outstanding sheet mon. Thanks for the turn-on.

That Eddy Clearwater on Friday was awesome too. He was a great player. I have been too busy to get by and say hi... sorry!

Biz gets busy before shipping perishable air cargo becomes too risky around the holidays, so make hay... we have maybe another week and lots of shippers just shut down to avoid losses, live fish or corals and delays are not a good combo.

I look forward to future installments!

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About the ads, I use adblocker plus with firefox. It blocked all the ads :). Sometimes when I'm watching a long video on youtube, for example a whole breaking points show, or a movie, adb will block over 300 ads!

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tune 'em out like I've done my whole life. Smile

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