So, Kavanaugh seals the deal of the Supreme Court among all the goodwill and collegiality required for the occasion. That is to say, he affirms the trend already set by a court which had pronounced Bush to be the “elected” President in 2000, and had decided that corporations were people just like us, and so on.

Standing Up for the French Revolution

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I've always found it interesting that the United States and France both celebrate their independence days, at least in a sense, in July, just nine days apart from each other. Of course, the American and French Revolutions were somewhat different in character. For America it was more a war of national liberation against what had become an imperial master, determined to keep its colonies subservient (the crux of Tom Paine's argument in Common Sense), though there were elements of civil war and social revolution as well. France's revolution, on the contrary, began as a strictly internal affair, an upheaval against a badly outmoded form of government and social system.

Use “3 Birds, 1 Stone Strategy” if you want to live.

The Two Parties and the Media fail to serve our interests. Actually, work against them most of the time. If this doesn't change, and real soon, they're going to take us over a cliff. And real soon.

That these "3 Birds" are corrupt, self-serving, and divorced from reality is an assertion few "everyday people" would even try to refute. Not least because it can't be done.

Midnight Special - Illusions, Delusions, and WTF's

This is hilarious. Now mind you, I'm as anti-establishment as they come so your tastes may vary.

I was researching the situation with North Korea and decided to see what they were saying over at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a neocon conservative right wing Zionist think tank. I find it useful to see what they're focusing on, kind of taking the temperature of the neocons so to speak.

Eat Food

“Eating food seems too common sensical to be an exhortation even once, but in a time where sugar dipped reconstituted corn bits are advertised 24-7, the guy who said a proper diet starts with "eat food" was a revolutionary and his wisdom is not repeated nearly often enough, because the obverse position is so incessantly stated. If Kellogs doesn't like it, fuck 'em.”

"Reverie + Evolution = Revolution" (graffiti on the Sorbonne, France, May 1968). An Ode to C99 and Speaking Louder/Inspired by JtC's Talking Heads-inspired Rant. Scrawl Something!

I just read JtC’s rant and started to compose a comment.

"Crisis of Integrity" at the Highest Levels

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave a speech at VMI and talked about the lack of truth, ethics and integrity in high places of American society, public and private.

"When we as people, a free people, go wobbly on the truth even on what may seem the most trivial of matters, we go wobbly on America", Tillerson told the graduating class of cadets at the Virginia Military Institute.