The Collapse of globalism and global pillage Globalism's tenets have been debunked, why have those insights been hidden in America?

This is a video by John Ralston Saul. Its a good outline of what has become of this utopian cult as its looked at more closely. Its promises have NOT come true!

Instead starting in the 90s the collapse began, globalism became GLOBAL PILLAGE. Oligarchs who saw it as a green light from the US and EU for them to steal from and lie to everybody.

A lot of people started to realize it was a sham.

It is not inevitable. .

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After NAFTA and China's Most Favored Nation status Americas major industry became Banking and the financial sector. We opened the doors to the worlds biggest casino, and every wealthy enough player could partake. We get privatized profit and socialized debt. Recessions are over when Wall St. recovers.
After keeping wages, and buying power down, all that excess casino money had to go somewhere. Since we don't produce much and we can't afford much, it went after the necessities. Health care, housing, education, food and transportation all cost more than wages can provide, and it's the least amount of services and goods for the maximum profit, take it or leave it.

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So as to not upset the apple cart of the chosen propaganda
promulgated by the ruling class. An informed citizenry throws
sand in the gears of misdirection. We are collectively smart enough
to draw conclusions regarding scams and their purpose.

So they redact, misinform, lie and report half truths in trying to prevent
recognition. Controlling less understanding of their motives is the new preventative
from responsibility.

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Just in case you are wondering why there is little response to your essays. Plus, while your conclusions are moving in the right direction, many of your opinions are way off the mark and lead you astray.

It's not inviting to write into the headwinds of a hurricane like that.

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The political system is what it is because the People are who they are. — Plato

I think it started in the 70's. By the 90's it had already picked up speed.

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