Open Thread - 12-15-23 - To the Victor Belong the Spoils

The history of mankind is basically a timeline of war, from the first empires to the present. Many great civilizations, cultures, histories and knowledge down through the centuries have been lost to war. There are many examples of the victors erasing a peoples existence and replacing it with their concept of national identity. For example, The Old Testament is full of war, genocide and slaughter. History books are chronicles of war with intermittent smatterings of peace and prosperity. How much knowledge has been lost to the scourge of war? We will never know what the world has missed or how different it may have been because of the antiquities that were conquered and lost forever.

If the victor rewrites history in its favor, how can we trust anything that has been handed down to us, considering the possibility that the other side of the story may have been lost or altered for all of posterity? How much knowledge has been lost due to war, and the rewriting of history. The Library of Alexandria is just one example of ancient histories and knowledge lost to conflict. What knowledge and wisdom was lost forever in that fire of conflict? We'll never know.

Attribution: Sanjiv Banga
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Why America is tearing itself apart and who benefits

Lately I've come to realize that the reason why people are so divided in this country is your high school history class.
Let me explain.
Everyone in this country is divided by identity these days. Race, gender, sexual orientation, it seems people are looking for ways to be different without actually being different. Liberals pretend that these are the only identities that matter.

The Collapse of globalism and global pillage Globalism's tenets have been debunked, why have those insights been hidden in America?

This is a video by John Ralston Saul. Its a good outline of what has become of this utopian cult as its looked at more closely. Its promises have NOT come true!

Instead starting in the 90s the collapse began, globalism became GLOBAL PILLAGE. Oligarchs who saw it as a green light from the US and EU for them to steal from and lie to everybody.

A lot of people started to realize it was a sham.

It is not inevitable. .

Interesting video onthe proto-European Minoan Crete civilization

For a long time I have been fascinated with the lost Minoan civilization, which came to an abrupt end around 1600 BC.

Its not mentioned in this video but excavations at the site of Akrotiri tell of human sacrifice, in the shadow of the erupting volcano. Theysuggest human sacrifices were occurring.

This was the most advanced civilization in the world at that time? Scary.

Or were they? Were they actually heinous barbarians.