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The stages of intervention for the COVID cycle.

  1. Prevent initial infection in community or individual.
  2. After infection minimize ability to spread to rest of community or body.
  3. As infection spreads minimize symptoms of community or body.
  4. Minimize complications due to community or body responses to treatments and preventive measures.
    Focus today: community - Health Tourism
    body - catastrophic immune response
  5. Treat or adjust to longterm complications of Covid infection or treatments to community or body.
  6. Repeat cycle.

A few articles of interest.

Singapore’s vaunted health tourism under pressure
Many in need of critical care have been locked out of the city-state as it tries to deal with a Covid surge

Jack is one of hundreds of thousands of Indonesian citizens and foreign residents who spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year to get specialized – and expensive – medical treatment in Singapore that is often unavailable at home.

But come a health crisis and the door has closed, with officials claiming that the island’s much-touted health system is stretched to the limit by a surprisingly sharp surge in coronavirus cases.

The latest message from the Singapore Health Ministry is that waivers for overseas patients with serious health issues have been suspended until further notice – just when Singapore is allowing the first foreign tourists to enter.
Singapore medical tourism has taken a huge hit since the onset of the pandemic. According to one estimate, Indonesians spend about $600 million a year on treatment in Singapore, Thailand and Australia.

Much of that is in Singapore, which normally receives about 500,000 overseas patients a year, half of them coming from Indonesia alone, according to the Medical Tourism Association.

Cardiac surgeries at Singapore hospitals, including heart bypasses and valve replacements, range up to S$130,000 (US$95,800); cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiology and immunotherapy, can cost S$234,000 (US$172,600).

Western modern medicine has not focused historically on supporting the immune system. Instead the commercial drugs and treatments generally suppressed immune function globally and specific functions, while the body was to heal itself. One example is histamine's role in mild and severe allergic reactions. For over 100 years it was thought to be the only biochemical made and stored in mast cells.
Allergic reaction was the release of histamines from a mast cell, which prompted other mast cells to release their stored histamines and in a really sensitive person it would proceed to an anaphylactic reaction. Treatment was antihistamines to prevent the cycle of releasing additional histamines, corticosteroids (dexamethasone, prednisone etc) to suppress all immune response and mast cell stabilizer to minimize the release of additional histamines. In emergency epinephrine is used to opening airways, and reduce swelling.

About 10 years ago the evidence could no longer be ignored as in the past 100 plus years. Mast cell produced, stored and released more than simply histamine. Those unusual physical reactions and emotions generally attributed to unreliable patients exaggerating their reactions to allergens and sensitivities might have a basis in biochemistry. part of the story is cytokines.

Drug to calm cytokine storm: Life-saving Russian discovery could be key to stopping body’s ‘suicide attack’ in severe Covid cases

A group of Russian scientists have created a drug that may potentially revolutionize the treatment of Covid-19 by defusing the most catastrophic reaction the disease causes in patients, while not destroying their immune response.

The drug, called Leitragin, was developed by the Biomedical Technology Research Center of the Russian Federal Medical and Biology Agency (FMBA), and is currently undergoing clinical trials in Russia. Although its base substance was previously known and used in ulcer treatment medicine by Soviet and Russian doctors, it was the FMBA team that discovered how to apply it for the treatment of severe cases of Covid-19 and, potentially, other deadly diseases that cause life-threatening lung inflammation.
Up until now, a cytokine storm was believed to be caused by an uncontrollable release of dozens of different cytokine types, making it difficult to contain. However, scientists at the FMBA Biomedical Technology Research Center say they might just have got to the very bottom of the issue and pinpointed a single key culprit.

The group, led by the head of the center, Vladislav Karkischenko, published the results of their drug’s pre-clinical trials on mice in the Journal of Immunology Research in late September.
The cytokine in question is called high mobility group box 1 protein, or HMGB1, Karkischenko told RT. Released en masse by the immune cells during severe Covid-19 cases, it triggers the release of numerous other cytokines, turning it into an “uncontrollable process.”

Previous research hasn’t considered HMGB1 as the “main cytokine,” but it’s so ubiquitous, its numbers could be a thousand times higher during the infection, Karkischenko said, which points to it being responsible for the “final cascade of reactions.”
Despite what Karkischenko says are promising results, the scientists behind Leitragin still have to prove its effectiveness in clinical studies. The center is now working on a large-scale publication that would involve clinical trial results and more information about the drug itself. Russia’s hospitals, meanwhile, are allowed to treat patients with Leitragin as part of a limited use authorization.

If proven effective and safe, though, the drug may be found to have uses far beyond Covid-19 treatment, since it’s designed to deal with the immune system’s reaction and not one specific virus.

The following articles are in sequence of complexity regarding the subject of mast cells and cytokines.

Very basic overview. Very readable, HOWEVER site does sell services and products - my inclusion of the text IS NOT a recommendation of products. This diary is too short to cover all the considerations before beginning any treatment and author is unaware of any unique specifics which could trigger unanticipated consequences in the reader.

Here’s a brief overview about your mast cells:

Mast cells can be triggered by all kinds of things. That’s where we get mast cell activation.

Mast Cells can be triggered by viruses or bacteria. They can also be triggered by allergens like pollen. Or even food proteins.

Or they can be triggered by normal things that happen in the body. Things like hormones or neurotransmitters. Or even injuries.

These are just a few things that can trigger a response from mast cells.

And what happens when mast cells get triggered?

They release mediators.

There are all kinds of different types of chemical mediators in mast cells. You might already be familiar with one type: histamine.

But there are actually HUNDREDS of mast cell mediators!

General information regarding mast cells and immune response.
The Role of Mast Cells in Our Health

Mast cells are cells found in connective tissue throughout our bodies as part of our immune system. Mast cells are particularly prominent in tissues of our bodies that interact with our external world, such as those found on our skin and in our respiratory and digestive tracts. Mast cells can also be found in the organs and tissue of our circulatory and nervous systems. Mast cells play an important role in protecting our health by providing a line of defense against pathogens.1

Cytokine Storm

The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic has reminded us of the critical role of an effective host immune response and the devastating effect of immune dysregulation. This year marks 10 years since the first description of a cytokine storm that developed after chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy1 and 27 years since the term was first used in the literature to describe the engraftment syndrome of acute graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation.2 The term “cytokine release syndrome” was coined to describe a similar syndrome after infusion of muromonab-CD3 (OKT3).3 Cytokine storm and cytokine release syndrome are life-threatening systemic inflammatory syndromes involving elevated levels of circulating cytokines and immune-cell hyperactivation that can be triggered by various therapies, pathogens, cancers, autoimmune conditions, and monogenic disorders.

From a historical perspective, cytokine storm was previously referred to as an influenza-like syndrome that occurred after systemic infections such as sepsis and after immunotherapies such as Coley’s toxins.4 Yersinia pestis infection (i.e., the plague) has led to major pandemics (e.g., the Black Death) and triggers alveolar macrophages to produce excessive amounts of cytokines, resulting in cytokine storm.5 An exaggerated immune response was suspected to contribute to the lethality of the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic.

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This is of concern. Many prescribed drug treatments have far ranging side effects which only become apparent over time. One must be careful of laboratory produced medicines.

Thanks for the OT!

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Unanticipated consequences are the bane of drugs rushed to market. Previously, vaccines took about ten years to go through the trials, safety studies surveillance, and review and approval by FDA. The fact that ‘Warp Speed’ delivered a novel vaccine to the public in months means that many, or even most, of safety study meant to discover ‘unintended consequences’ was omitted.

Those of us who have placed our trust in the opinions of public health agencies (there is no reliable safety data, even now) are now the participants in an ongoing study. Our bodies are now simply fulfilling the role of lab animals, and our adverse outcomes will provide the bypassed safety data, assuming it is even collected and analyzed.

Our regulatory agencies have been neutered, and clearly have interests at odds with good public health practices. This needs to stop.

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"I fear that monstrous russian dictatorship going to attack the free world with bioweapons it seized in unexisting Pentagon funded humanitarian Ukrainian biolabs."
Greg Galloway 3/14/22

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of laboratory rats is way beyond my powers of understanding.
Full speed ahead captain. Damn the torpedos.
Seems more of the educated public are resisting this experiment.
For good reasons, IMO.

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How did we get to this point, and who is running the pandemic response?
Should children get the Jab?
Are adverse events really a problem?
How is the insular Amish population faring without vaccines or ‘normal’ medical care?
Was Ivermectin in the Indian home care packs that crushed COVID in UP?

All of these questions are asked and discussed (as opposed to answered) with Stew Peters and Dr. Robert Malone. If you take the time (an hour+) you surely will learn something, and perhaps even alter your opinion of Dr. Malone, be it for better or for worse.

Dig in!

Video Link

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"I fear that monstrous russian dictatorship going to attack the free world with bioweapons it seized in unexisting Pentagon funded humanitarian Ukrainian biolabs."
Greg Galloway 3/14/22

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Well if government employees have any they get compensated for it.

Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of people are paying through their noses to find out what has happened to them. Again we see that government can pass laws to help mainstream Americans, but they don’t want to. This is unbelievable if true. The site looks legitimate.

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It is not until the tide goes out that you discover who has been swimming naked.

@QMS pipes up the c99 member who only now 7 months after 2 shots, is recovering---completely this time. I hope.

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Western modern medicine has not focused historically on supporting the immune system.

In the US we don't practice health care (ie prevention), we promote for profit sick care....the more drugs, especially expensive drugs, the better.

There is a reason the US COVID outcomes are the worst of any nation despite the oft repeated "best health care in the world" lie. The truth is we have the most expensive (and least effective) health care in the world.

We're on our own folks. Prepare your body with vitamins, minerals, healthy foods, and a little light exercise like walking or biking. Wash your hands and gargle when you've been out and are exposed to others. Those simple steps could have prevented a lot of lost lives.

Thanks for hosting "The Dose"!

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

@Lookout ditto on Lookout's words.

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is so high in the US for COVID-19 is the extremely high rate of obesity. This obesity has been caused by both high fructose intake and omega-6 from the extensive use of processed seed oils in our diets.

Genetic Variation, Diet, Inflammation, and the Risk for COVID-19
Karger Publishers Public Health Emergency Collection - 2021 Feb 2


COVID-19, which is caused by SARS-CoV-2, is characterized by various symptoms, ranging from mild fatigue to life-threatening pneumonia, “cytokine storm,” and multiorgan failure. The manifestation of COVID-19 may lead to a cytokine storm, i.e., it facilitates viral replication that triggers a strong release of cytokines, which then modulates the immune system and results in hyperinflammation. Today's diet is high in omega-6 fatty acids and deficient in omega-3 fatty acids; this, along with a high fructose intake, leads to obesity, which is a chronic state of low-grade inflammation. Omega-6 fatty acids are proinflammatory and prothrombotic whereas omega-3 fatty acids are less proinflammatory and thrombotic. Furthermore, omega-3 fatty acids make specialized lipid mediators, namely resolvins, protectins, and maresins, that are potent anti-inflammatory agents. Throughout evolution there was a balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids with a ratio of 1–2/1 omega-6/omega-3, but today this ratio is 16–20/1 omega-6/omega-3, leading to a proinflammatory state...
... A balanced omega-6/omega-3 ratio is essential to health. Physicians should measure their patients' fatty acids and recommend decreasing the intake of foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids and increasing the intake of omega-3 fatty acids along with fruits and vegetables.

How to avoid a life threatening “Cytokine Storm”

Research into Covid19 has revealed there are clear risk factors which increase the likelihood of serious illness or dying from the virus:

– Age
– Obesity
– Type II diabetes
– Gender (males are more at risk)
– Pre-existing chronic diseases especially high blood pressure but also heart disease, asthma, smoking, cancer
– Dark coloured skin
– Low vitamin D levels

The key underlying problem for those with a severe Covid19 infection seems to be a heightened inflammatory response called a “Cytokine Storm”. At its worst this massive switch on of the immune system results in damage to the brain, organ failure and death.
Recent scientific studies have shown that:
(1) the current known risk factors associated with COVID19 have a common pathophysiological pathway through inflammation
(2) omega-3 fats have been demonstrated to be useful in the treatment of this inflammatory pathway in high blood pressure patients
(3) this has now been extended to the treatment of the cytokine storm associated with severe Covid19 reactions
The good news is that whilst seeing some sunshine or taking a vitamin D supplement can correct low levels, a small number of straightforward changes to our diets can increase our omega-3 fat intake and decrease our omega-6 intake significantly reducing our risks further

These include:

  • cook with olive oil, coconut oil or an animal fat
  • follow Government advice to eat 2-4 portions of oily fish each week
  • for those who don’t like fish try flax seed muffins or take an omega-3 supplement
  • avoiding processed foods that typically contain vegetable oils
  • remove plant-based vegetable oils, including sunflower, corn and canola oils

Creating better balance in our diets, by reducing our intake of omega-6 and increasing our omega-3 intake, will improve everyone’s ability to deal with Covid19 – it’s not a question of if we should be making these changes, and more a case of when am I starting?

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Makes up one-third of caloric intake.

Full Title: Omega-6 Apocalypse 2: Are Seed Oil Excesses the Unifying Mechanism for Overweight and Virtually All Chronic Disease? - Chris Knobbe (AHS21)

Over the past 150 years, we’ve witnessed the evolution of pandemics of chronic degenerative, metabolic, and noncommunicable disease (NCD). Ample evidence supports the conclusion that coronary heart disease, cancers, metabolic disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and many other chronic diseases have risen from medical rarity to the most common causes of chronic disease and death. During this same time frame, we’ve witnessed industrially produced seed oils, rich in omega-6 fatty acids, elevate to occupy up to one-fourth to one-third of human consumption, or more. Such oils rarely existed anywhere prior to the American Civil War, globally. Virtually all chronic degenerative diseases have in common one primary metabolic defect, namely, mitochondrial dysfunction. Seed oil and high omega-6 is a known driver of mitochondrial dysfunction, as evidenced in many studies. Furthermore, an examination of food consumption patterns in many nations strongly indicates that seed oils are by far the greatest factor in such chronic disease. An examination of food consumption in Japan leads to no other obvious conclusion. Could omega-6 rich seed oils, consumed to excess, be the common precipitating factor for most all chronic disease, via multiple mechanisms, including the fact that they are pro-oxidative, proinflammatory, cytotoxic, genotoxic, mutagenic, atherogenic, thrombogenic, and obesogenic? The evidence is compelling.

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@CB and tough for many, most people to overcome.

A correct dose of VITAMIN D, okayed by your doctor, otoh, is easy and inexpensive.

As I've been saying forever.

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would be of significant value as a prophylactic for someone who is morbidly obese.

The multi-billion dollar advertising of junk/fast food is creating a problem that the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies make a fortune on. It's a win-win marketing ploy. A bonus - the target groups don't die off too quickly which makes for continuous profit taking.

Fortunately for Big Pharma, COVID-19 has given them a brand new multi-billion dollar financial boost just after their other cash cow, the multi-billion dollar opiate business, has collapsed with multi-billion dollar penalties.

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@CB on Covid victims found that 1/2 of them were Vitamin D deficient.

Not a cure-all, but definitely a good thing to do for oneself.

Obesity is the killer you say it is. Not an accident.

TV ads sell you junk food and junk "New" meds which are usually the same old meds with an infinitesmal change which allows Pharma to charge high rates and persuade unknowing consumers that the "New" drug is better than the generic.

All scvams and lies.

in this setting, low cost easily availble Vitamin D is an excellent thing to get behind.

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about masks.

It seems to me that most of the arguments presented in the corporate media are about the wrong things. For instance, they endlessly present arguments and stories about mask mandates for schools but make no attempt to educate people about the absolute necessity of effective masking or of necessary social distancing or effective ventilation measures. If the masks the kids wear are not adequate or not worn properly, the kids are not protected. If the kids are crowded too closely for too much time with poor air exchange, the masks they are wearing will not protect them. Therefore the huge argument about mask mandates in schools is a bogus one. If we don't address those other issues of safety, the mask issue really doesn't matter. We have to address all those issues if we are actually serious about keeping the kids safe. Otherwise it is just theatre, and distraction.

Kids spend a long time in class, public schools have poor ventilation, and schools are one of the most densely crowded institutions in society.

The interventions that prevent aerosol inhalation are those that reduce the concentration of small particles in a shared space and the time someone spends in that space inhaling those small particles. Particle concentration can be reduced by having fewer people in the space, sharing space for shorter periods, using ventilation that removes particles quickly near the source, and using source controls (masks and respirators) with good filters and fit.

Our schools fail on all the above.

The easy solution of just masking won't do the job:

Scientists, journalists, and the public all