Bingo Card - Final Twelve Hours

Will the sorest loser ever go out with a whimper or a bang?

Dead of night (12:00 am to 6:00 am) activities.

Bingo ball #1: Hangs out in the Oval Office and howls at the moon.
Bingo balls 2-10: berates aides, WH staff, family.

With his Twitter thumb removed, that's all I've got.

(Speaking of bangs, declining to remain in DC for the inauguration has created a (possibly) unique situation. The nuclear football will accompany tRump to FL and then in a dismantled mode will not be in the accessible custody of a POTUS until after it gets back to DC.)

The VC-25 (a modified 747-200), the official presidential airplane, will be Air Force One when it ferries tRump to Florida.

(Guess that means the plane won't be leaving Andrews AFB at 8:00 am.)

Bingo ball #11: Trump calls Juan Guido from AF-1.
#12: calls Teresa May from AF-1.
#13-20: calls ??? from AF-1.

#21: tRump and the aircraft remain on the tarmac in Florida until 11:45 am or later for photo-ops.

#22: tRump promptly exits AF-1 and helicopters on AF-1 to Mar-a-Lago.

#23: tRump holds a rally or press conference on the tarmac at West Palm Beach.

#24: tRump announces his most controversial pardons on the tarmac.

#25: tRump motorcades to Mar-a-Lago.

#26: tRump on the golf course by 1:00 pm.

#27-75: ???

Update: The whimper is over. (Not that tRump didn't make an effort to take attention away from the inauguration with the 21 gun salute he ordered for his departure from Andrews AFB. But the throngs of cheering fans that he desired just didn't materialize in DC or West Palm Beach.) His pardons and commutations weren't anything out of the ordinary. (Lots of "a credit to the community" made the list.) How shafted do the MAGA Capitol rioters feel today? MAGA died today imho. Not that it was ever anything more than a Trump campaign slogan, but it made a lot of people feel good about their base prejudices.

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Perfect time to strike.

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@Battle of Blair Mountain
to Russia/Putin?

Bingo ball Secret Russia/Putin strike DC between 11:45am and 1:00 pm at the behest of tRump.

Not putting that one on my bingo card because Putin isn't stupid, crazy, and/or suicidal. A call from tRump wouldn't even be put through to Putin.

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charter a redeye out of wherever and get gone before anyone misses him. (I rather wish he would, to be honest.)

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There is no justice. There can be no peace.

That would be a surprise because quietly slinking away isn't his style. Plus it doesn't maximize his efforts to take attention away from Biden's inauguration. The "wherever" is a tough one as he appears to be on the outs everywhere in the world with the possible exception of Israel, but it's not up to tRump's standards.

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@Marie Which he quickly backed out of after his unlikely win in 2016. With any luck his next lease will be a 737 max that wasn't upgraded.

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@Marie he's leaving before the inaug in order to use AF one (while he's still prez).

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

relinquishing that baby any sooner than he has to. As there are two identical presidential 747-200 planes, one will be available for Biden as of 12:00 pm and at that point will be AF-1. The other one ferrying tRump to FL ceases to be AF-1 at the same time.

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Very well done and a lighthearted break to my day. Thanks, Marie.

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