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Waking Back Biden’s Philadelphia Speech

Appararently, if you took Biden’s Philadelphia speech seriously, and thought, perhaps, you were hearing a totalitarian doctrine scripted by his Neocon handlers and advisors, then you missed the practical joke.

If you saw Biden’s lips reading the telepromptor and it sounded like a right-wing Democratic President delivering threats to silence or criminalize dissenters and truthtellers, who object to the Presidential empowerment of neoliberal economic policies, or international war-mongering provocations against nuclear enabled superpowers — well, you missed the clever trick.

Enter desk-bound journalist, David Frum, who has jotted a few paragraphs at the Atlantic, that completely explain how Biden’s speech wasn’t what you thought it was. Biden’s speech, according to Frum, was actually an elaborate sting operation. It was designed to trap Donald Trump into an angry response — and at the same time prove to the world that he is an important member of the Republican Party!

Why the Mar-a-Lago raid could be the best thing ever for the Left

Die-Hard Trump fans don't care about facts. I can sort of understand where they are coming from because of the way the Democrats went about going after Trump (i.e. the Dems started with the B.S. Russiagate). So if you stopped listening after that then you missed the real and substantial scandals of Trump.

I'm quitting the conversation.

No, this isn't a "GBCW diary." All I'm doing with this post is admitting that there really is nothing more to say about Joe Biden or Donald Trump that I or someone else hasn't already said before. So I think I'm going to shut up about the Presidential race at least until there arises something new that needs to be said.