donald trump

I'm quitting the conversation.

No, this isn't a "GBCW diary." All I'm doing with this post is admitting that there really is nothing more to say about Joe Biden or Donald Trump that I or someone else hasn't already said before. So I think I'm going to shut up about the Presidential race at least until there arises something new that needs to be said.

The failure of political imagination: Trump 4th of July post-mortem edition.

Folks, this is more or less a sequel to my previous diary, The Failure of Political Imagination -- if you haven't read it, you should read it now, and then come back to this diary. As such, this diary will be short and sweet, because what I really want is for more people to read my previous diary.


Let me get straight to the point.

Before Biden is crowned, we MUST ask the following questions.

Although I will vote for Biden (holding my nose,) I do not think he has a chance to win. The last several weeks have made it very clear that the Democrats must win the White House, as well as the Senate. I am certain that Biden won’t get us there.

The Trump-As-Dictator Narrative

I'm seeing this as a trickle now but it looks like it's going to be a flood soon. Here's the narrative. I'm reading this a lot on Facebook, usually in response to whenever someone brings up that they're not voting for Joe Biden. The narrative says: "You better vote for Joe Biden in November otherwise Donald Trump will become a dictator."